Danna Paola bathes in the paint, while the dance coquettishly


Danna Paola bathes in the paint, while the dance coquettishly. The mexican singer knows that it is one of the celebrities most impressive in the social network so you don’t get tired of sharing your photos and videos in your account of Instagram.

This 2020 promises to be full of success for the interpreter of “Sodium” as your number of followers increases day by day and not get tired of commenting on all your photos in which it appears like a queen.

Danna Paola it is one of the most popular singers in Instagram as their beauty and talent, makes it unique and makes your followers feel every day more in love with her with each video to share.

We have seen her dancing in the kitchen of their home, and with stylish outfits at special eventsbut today, that catch the eyes and bathe in the paint, while the dance in his latest video.

A few hours ago was released on YouTube their new single titled, “I love You and that’s it” (TQ AND NOT) that is making it captivated the users of the social network, in the video of the song that the famous singer and actress has danced in the most flirtatious.

We share the video that is causing a sensation on Instagram and that the true fans of Danna Paola not to be missed.


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