Ann Wilson, Danna Paola and ‘Overall Objective’


It is only a week and that is the state of the table cloths long was the american singer Ann Wilson, who, along with his sister Nancy formed the legendary rock group Heart at the age of 70 years.

Born June 19, 1950 in the city of San Diego, California, and having started in music playing the flute and the guitar, Ann Dustin Wilson joined a group called “White Heart” in the 1970’s; they have changed and, subsequently, of “Hocus Pocus” but, as they say, the third time is a charm, and it was in 1974, when I was with the set from then on: the Heart. So, the voice of Ann has given life to classics of the ‘ 70s such as “Barracuda” or “Crazy on You,” to strengthen inside of pop-rock mid d li 80 from the homonymous album of 1985, from which they were extracted such hits as “What About the Love” and “Never”, followed by “Bad Animals” in 1987, ” and songs like “Alone” and “Who runs?” or “Brigade”, from 1990, and songs like “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You” or “Locked”.

In the ‘ 90s, despite being active in music, Anna and her sister Nancy they opened a recording studio which they have named as “Bad Animals”, making allusion to his mentioned album of 1987, and even if during the years ‘ 80, have contributed to memorable themes from the soundtracks of films such as “Footloose”, a duet with the lead singer of the band canadiensand Lover boy, Mike Reno, in the ballad “Almost Paradise” in 1984 and in 1988 of the tape “Tequila Sunrise” by the duet with the vocalist of Cheap Trick, Robin Zander, with another ballad such as “Surrender to Me”, it was not until the year 2007, when he took a solo album titled “Hope & Glory” on the label Rounder. Currently Ann lives in Seattle, Washington, with two adoptive sons name Dustin and Marie.

Last Tuesday was a party with everything and tremor in the Mexico city the singer and actress Danna Paola, who fail to turn off the 25 candles on a cake, and took the opportunity to give a little taste, in addition to the first single from their most recent album, titled “I love You and that’s it”, which will be presented in full on the day of today. After successful entries in both the Spanish series “Elite”, as well as the most recent edition of the reality of Azteca’s “La Academia”, Danna returns to the music which he combined with his facet as an actress since she was a child and carried her to success in musicals such as “Wicked” with a new look of the blonde. Many congratulations and continue the successes.

To finish off, and in the midst of the festivities, since last week we had anticipated in relation to the Gay Pride parade in the City of Mexico, who will preside at the Thalia together with other singers and groups in Europe will be taken in the event of a new edition of the concert Global, organized by the american pop singer Lady Gaga in the past month of April to support the associations, such as the The World Health Organization the emergence of the pandemic COVID-19 tomorrow is another virtual concert called the “Global Objective: “united for Our Future”, now under the guidance of Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” and performances by Shakira, Coldplay, Justin Bieber, J. Calvin, and more.



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