The global superstar of brazilian origin, Anitta has signed with Warner Records, and their debut album in the USA that will be published at the end of the year



“I am very excited to be a part of the team of Warner Records in the united States”, said Anitta.
“It is the most important moment of my career. Now, can I
see more about my art and culture to the world at the international level. Not
I can’t wait for everyone to hear the new music in which I have been
of the work, which will be a mix of new sounds in English and Spanish”.

“We are excited to collaborate with the global team of
Warner Music Latino, to bring the incredible music of Anitta to the
The united states and beyond,”
said AaronBay-Schuck, and Tom Corson, co-presidents of Warner Records.

“Anitta is really different from any artist that
we have worked with in the past. She is not only a musical talent
extraordinary, but that is a creative force of combustion, of an artist
thrilling and a real cultural phenomenon. Together with the manager of
Anitta, Brandon Silverstein, we hope to scale even more together.”

The prolific Anitta includes four studio albums
latinos and a multitude of collaborations. Their sound and unique style
a mix of reggaeton, bossa nova, R&B, hip-hop, EDM, and
funk carioca.

Anitta is the artist most listened to in Brazil and seduces a
global audience with more than 47 million followers on Instagram.

5 nominations at the Latin Grammy awards, 6 MTV awards EMA,
almost 5 billion views on YouTube, and 6.5 billion copies
Anitta is perfectly prepared to conduct an explosion in the world.

Anitta has remained busy during the period of quarantine, the production of
the live streaming on their social network almost every day from his home
in Rio de Janeiro. She has kept updated his fans on his
the process of recording, and is joined to great talents like Miley Cyrus,
J Balvin, Katy Perry, David Guetta, P. Diddy and more for interviews and
presentations. Anitta was ready to go on stage for Coachella
and Rock In Rio in 2020.


Since we opened in Brazil, six years ago, it was
become the artist leader of a new generation of music
Latin-american. As the star of the pop world’s largest women’s
Brazil has accumulated more than 47 million followers on Instagram and
more than 14 million subscribers on YouTube get more than 4.7
billions of reproductions. Anitta has been appointed as the
most powerful person in Brazil by Forbes magazine and between the
15 musicians with the most influential on social networks to Billboards.
In the month of July 2013, he released his first album, “Anitta”, which had
with 14 songs, most of which were written by her. The
the second album, “Perfect Rhythm”, was released in the month of July 2014, following
their third album, “Bang”,in 2016. The album contains 15 tracks
the original, and the music video of the main song of the album, “Bang”,
he has received more than 377 million visits since its launch. Your last
the album, “Kisses”, was released in the month of April of 2019, and marks the first album
trilingual Anitta with songs in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

“Kisses” it was nominated for “Best urban album”,
Awards Latin Grammy 2019. Starting from 2014, Anitta has been appointed
“The best performance of brazilian” at the MTV Europe Music Awards for five
consecutive years. It was presented at the Opening Ceremony of the
The Rio 2016 Olympic games, where he has performed alongside singers and
brazilian composers Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso.

Anitta has appeared on the covers of countless magazines,
among them, Vogue Brazil, Marie Claire, Brazil, GQ Mexico, GQ Brazil. And
he has worked with artists such as Madonna, MajorLazer, J Calvin, Diplo,
SnoopDogg, Ozuna, and Maluma, among others. The recently released “Fire” with
DJ Snake and Sean Paul, along with producer puerto rican, Tainy. She
will continue to launch their Portuguese music through Warner Music

Anitta is currently in the studio to record their next
album multilingual, which will be launched by the end of the year Warner