Starts the Virtual Fair of the Book – Arts and Entertainment


Coinciding with the commemoration of the Day of the Book and Paraguay, today at 19:00 from the National Archive of Asunción will be the official opening of this edition of the virtual fair, which will be held in the web site

The exhibition is organized by the National Secretariat of Culture, the Paraguayan Chamber of the Book (CAPEL), Book the Room of Asuncion, Paraguay (CLAP) and the Paraguayan Chamber of the Book, Ruy Díaz de Guzmán (CPL), in the framework of the emergency measures for the cultural sector, before the covid-19.

The transmission of the opening ceremony will be made through the account of Facebook of the CNS (@CulturaPy) and the Virtual Fair of the Book for Paraguay.

Under the motto “Jaheka jevy aranduete” (Try again true wisdom), the fair will present a series of book presentations, conversations with authors, concerts, etc.

After the opening ceremony, at 19:30 will be the launch of the Collection of the Magazine Young people in the field of Intellectual Property, organized by the Dinapi.

In the meantime, at 20:00 you’ll remember The 75 years of the United Nations,” Mario Samaja, the resident coordinator of the Information Centre of the United Nations, and the presentation of the photo contest “75 years of the United Nations: The Paraguay that we want to”.

For the day tomorrow, at 16:00, provides for the broadcast of the Big Concert with Jessica Knight, responsible for the University of the North; and the talk “The music of paraguay, its genesis guarani and transformation”, by VLM Editions, at 17:00.

The French translation of the book “Bench press”, of Maybell Lebron, will be presented at 17:30.

The Libroferia of Incarnation will be added to the event by exposing their experiences, Friday at 18:00, followed by the presentation of “the old Kitchen, and other poems”, by James Rauskin; and “Poems naked”, Delfina Acosta.

Other releases planned in the framework of the fair are: “The voice of the rain”, by Luis Maria Martinez; the book of poetry “Scent of a woman”, Oscar Patiño Riveros; a series of biographies for children, which will be presented by Javier Nurseries, and the book “the Forests of Paraguay”, the Shenanigan María José López.

The Book of the Day of Paraguay is celebrated in coincidence with the completion, on June 25, 1612, in the book “Annals of the discovery, population and conquest of the Río de la Plata”, the historian, Ruy Díaz de Guzmán, considered the first book of the paraguay.