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When Colombia experienced the amazing boom of the so-called rock en espanol, or rock in your language”, at the end of the ‘ 80s –the influence of Charly García and the mass exodus of Spanish groups– the kind given to a soap opera: LP mad passion. Carlos Vives, who had “Gallito Ramírez’ and ‘Yours is my heart”, and that they had not even approached Escalona, embodied by the leader of a band that was in search of fame.

After the recreation of a rock group was a trio that would have its own history in the national rock: Special District, formed by Einar Escaff, Carlos Ivan Medina and Bernardo Velasco. A trio that produced two albums: D. E. Minds (1986) and Document (1995), and only a music video, the bambuco, rock, Candelaria. Were the sounds ultrabogotanistas, urban, in the sense that I had the term before: ‘patonear’ the road and take the bus ‘cricket’.

Tent LP Crazy Passion

The image of the introduction of the LP-Mad Passion’


Now, at the moment most unusual to launch a disk, after 26 years of this last board, Special District, returns with a disc that is titled: do Not pull so much bullet. Recently have brought the simple and Holy Faith, of the hand of Andrea Echeverri, and had already published another call That is.

“The district has remained as an arrocito down,” says Medina, “we Never finished, but the three of us were separated geographically. It is a miracle, very bacano be able to say the things that you do not get to say that at the momentand , of course, the scene is not rarificada, people hear is the reggaeton, and we are in the fight to give a meaning to the rock music that we have inside. In addition, pandemic has served to make more people aware of analyze the letters”.

We have been in this their time, which leads to the wall for her (Andrea Echeverri). We talked at the beginning of this year, liked the song and it was very nice to be reborn.

The Silent years 80

Of course, only two albums in 10 years, and a music video that sounds like something very low. But the District (as it is also called) has emerged in a moment of a hinge of the local rock, with a few bands, which was given between the experiments of the ‘ 70s (Genesis, the pillar of Fire) and blast expressive of the 90s and the emergence of the festival.

The district, which is picked up influences from both King Crimson, Luis Alberto Spinetta and Charly García, was a band that inspired the birth of others. For example, before creating Delia and Amino acids (1990), the first of Aterciopelados, Andrea Echeverri was a vocalist in the recording of D. E. Mind“We were in their moment, as the door of the rock her (…). We talked at the beginning of this year, liked the song and it was very nice to be reborn,” explains Medina.

The working group has agreed with the other gatherings of fans: the Passport, the Company, Unlimited, Local Time, Zip, Kronos, Kraken, and there was an initial interest from record labels, local. However, before that came the boom of the ‘rock in your language”, for being in a rock band was like falling into a vicious circle. So remember Medina:

“When we started, the Company Unlimited sung in English (…). It was a challenge, because a thought first to do the rock played in English, ( … ) The culture was proamericanista.

“When we started, Company Unlimited, sung in English, in 1986, ( … ). It was a challenge, because a thought first to do the rock played in English, ( … ). There was a lot of continuity in the spaces of the music, the culture was proamericanista. When we pulled out of the disk D. E. Minds, CBS, for which we have defined as ‘fattening that (laughs), we took the disk enterrarnos, so that we have no contract with anyone. We have Charly García, thanks to LP loca pasión (…). That dilemma is that of many local bands that have disappeared”.

A document that has been produced by Gaira Local Music, and for the same you Live, showed the bonds that have begun to build with the trip to Live in one of the. The appearances of the accordion of Egidio Cuadrado on the song CAI-the Police and the bagpipes of Gilbert Martinez in the bus Of the blues, the Top of the Holes and knick-knacks.

“Carlos (Live) everything looks so full and that we are always to speak the same language, face the music,” says Escaff, and adds: “Spent a lot on how to get our product, but we wanted to keep our thread in the letters and in the music, helped now with a great team and a wonderful studio,” a reference to the new Gaira.

For this reason, it is also part of this album, Eduardo Bergallo, who has done the mixing, and Francisco ‘Kiko’ Castro Corvalán, Martín Velilla, Andrés Leal, and the same Carlos Vives.
“Thanks to the network, it exists, and what is important today is not so much this album, but to confirm that we are present,” adds Medina

New cartridges

Do not pull so much of the projectile, which can be heard in streaming platforms, contains eight songs, some written for years, just like Santa Fe. And the sound of today the wheel between the funk and the rock.

Santa Fe is in itself the response to the song, Bogotá, 1995: “In it we said, (singing) Where in Bogota?’, and in this we reply ‘Bogota is a city of many stones buried…’, as we are already adults and we know what it is Bogota, we love you very much and we also criticize. The first one was born when Bogotá was painful, it was all a mess, then was, to recover Bogota enough and not the plague that we don’t like”.

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Yes, even in the ‘good wave ‘ of the new song, presents: “I would like it more if it were the same for all”.

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