Series of the moment: THE POLITICAL/RECKONING


Every week is more than the quantity that we can find the series available on various platforms.

The Political
Satirical political comedy created by Ryan Murphy, is back with its second season, the accurate count with only 7 chapters, turning out to be more acidic, irreverent, funny, and, incredible as it may seem, emotional (the scene with the piano), all of this between the rain of strategies to achieve the success in the battle between a boy thirsty for success and recognition to become a senator, and a woman with all the experience of the world. Everything seems to indicate that there will be a third season.

THE GOOD: The charism and the interpretation of the characters, young people and adults is good, with the humor and adrenaline runs rampant within the main plot, with a particular political campaign in the big leagues and what it takes to play dirty gossip and rumors (highlight the protagonist of Ben Platt and Bette Midler); the ingenuity to keep a good pace in every episode, in addition to the occurrences as the scene of mockery towards the nefarious end of “Game of thrones” and “rock, paper, scissors” to give a solution to the results of the campaign, without sacrificing the impeccable care the colourful costumes and elegant, which is part of your particular brand and include just the issues of sexuality.
THE BAD: In the first season, the role of Zoey Deutch, who plays Infinity Jackson (the girl who pretends to be a disease) is extremely irritating (very similar to what they have always done), and here it is back with a presence and a little more measured, but it continues to be stressful and here creates a tremendous conflict.

After the murder of a teenager in a quiet community, two parents fight to protect their families and suppressing their inner demons. Obsession, a word that can define the series of mystery and intrigue, Calculation, or “showdown”, which has 10 chapters, in his first season and introduces us to two men from different perspectives, but all connected by one event: the murder of women occurred in different years. A detective that tries to get right up to his last consequences, and has invested a lot of time in research to give the person responsible, and a self that loves the pain and suffering of others, the product is not experiencing your forgiveness.

THE GOOD: To conclude each episode in an interesting way, the problem of the protagonist (who is the detective and must mix work, family and the situations of the past) is interesting, the way in which you construct the psychology of a serial killer, that you get to know the details of his life, past and present, their attachment to the tattoos, in addition to the conflict with a sick father and the degree of hatred that exists in his interior.
THE EVILThe music of the series is very ‘ 90s (such as the ones that aired on open TV), and for calibre that handles Netflix is not at all attractive. The chapters feel a slow start, the plot is very common to other series (does not bring anything new and do not run the risk); not all characters have the strength to feel connected (they are unknown actors), and leave us without a final intense, since there will be a second season.