Miley Cyrus reveals who is sober six months ago


(CNN) — Miley Cyrus is sober for more than six months, as he revealed in an interview with The variety.

The singer, who has spoken openly about his marijuana use in the past, has revealed that he started to be sober, after having undergone vocal cord surgery at the end of last year.

“It was really important for me, last year to live a sober lifestyle, because I wanted to Polish my art,” said Cyrus, 27 years. “I had surgery on the vocal, very large in the month of November. I’ve had four weeks where I was not allowed to speak. I was so torn writing on the board, yelling at all. I had this great biceps alone to cry to mom and trying to make meetings. But I was prepared for the peace and quiet,” he explained.

He continued: “I have been sober, sober for the last six months. At the beginning it was only this intervention of the voice. (…) But he had thought a lot about my mother. My mother was adopted, and I have inherited some of the feelings you had, the feelings of abandonment and the desire to prove that you are loved and precious. My father, parents divorced when he was three years old, so my father stood up. I met a lot of family history that has a lot of dependencies and mental health problems. So I just went through that and I asked myself: “why I am how I am?’ To understand the past, understand the present and to the future with much more clarity. I think that the therapy is excellent.”

Cyrus added that sobriety does not have a stigma, especially for her.

“It is very difficult, because, especially young people, there is the stigma of ” you’re not funny,” he said. “It’s like, ‘ Honey, you can call me many things, but I know that I am funny’. What I like about this one is to wake up at 100%, 100% of the time. I don’t want to wake up from the dizziness. I want to wake up feeling ready”.


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