This is the sound of the voice of Danna Paola without autotune


Experts compared the voice of Danna Paola with your recordings, and this is the amazing result!

Besides being a talented actress, Danna Paola, has been known for his great musical talent, because the stars mexicana has built a successful career as a singer and musical theatre actress.

This is the sound of the voice of Danna Paola without autotune

However, an expert in production and management, and is a member of the name of David Canek, decided to test the talents of Danna Paola, as he compared his voice with their recordings, and the result is awesome!

It turns out that David Canek discovered that the voice of Danna Paola without autotune, it sounds amazing, and ensures that Danna is a great singer.

Sounds exactly the same, singing the same notes, the same lines; is there any kind of difference, I do not appreciate. Here you realize when someone is a great singer. It is a very good singer!“ Determined by the analyst of voice.


As David, the fans were surprised with the results, and have responded with these comments:

“You can imagine you hate Danna, and not to be able to say that you sing bad?”, “We are talking about Rapunzel, not of any one,” “She doesn’t need autotune (or how you spell it) she is beautiful and talentosisima. I don’t understand how you have so much hate. The good thing is that there are more of those who we support“.

No one can deny that Danna Paola has a great talent as a singer, don’t you think?

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