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Given the rumors that began to circulate on the separation of Ximena Navarrete and Juan Carlos Valladareswe have taken the task of searching for the entrepreneur potosino for us, to confirm or refute this version, because at the national level, circulated the magazine said that the model of 32 years ago no longer lives in the house that she had shared with him.

The magazine Tv Notes has reported that the cousin of Tania Ruiz (girl of Enrique Peña Nieto) and the model Ximena Navarrete faced with a strong crisis in their marriageso much so that she decided to return to his home, with his family to Guadalajara.

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To locate Juan Carlos Valladares he preferred to remain silent on the question about their separation. However, the mexican designer Benito Santosthat is very much tied to the exreina beauty, has confessed that for him it was also a surprise what was going on and said that, despite not being aware of the circumstances, who believed that was “a lie”, because Navarrete has not spoken of this even to their friends.

“I’ve sent the same note, and I also have fallen as a surprise, I think not, that it is all an invention. I have not had the chance to talk with Ximena, but I would like to learn, but no, I don’t think”.

A publication shared ximenanr) the

When asked where he spent the quarantine model, the designer has pointed out that the last thing you knew was that she was in his home in San Luis Potosi, where it is known the couple marital home.

He also confessed that it is not known if the couple have problems because of the loss of your baby, the same publication noted that there has been a deterioration of the relationship due to this cause.

Ximena Navarrete and Juan Carlos Valladares met in 2015, a year later would begin his love story and would be one of the couples most memorable of the exhibition, and the jet-set mexican. However, in 2018, the couple has had to deal with the terrible loss of their first son as a marriage, since then, surrounded by the love and affection of their family to overcome this tragic situation. Also read: The moving story of the love of Ximena Navarrete and Juan Carlos Valladares

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