Simon Bill adds to the case against the Olympic Committee of the EU


The gymnast, four times olympic champion, Simone Days united the 140 athletes who filed a lawsuit against the Olympic Committee and Paralympic united States (USOPC, the acronym in English), the sexual abuse. The u.s., maximum medal world of artistic gymnastics, has signed the letter and gave it the force of a legal process which adds two years of scandal.

In January of 2018 Days he admitted the consumption of drugs to combat the anxiety, after that months ago, he confessed that he was the victim of sexual abuse Larry Nassar, exmédico of the american selection of gymnastics artistic and, at the end, he was sentenced to 175 years in prison for more than 350 girls and women athletes; all in the same case.

I am also one of the many survivors who are sexually abused Larry Nassar. This behavior is absolutely unacceptable, disgusting and offensivehe said the athlete.

Even if Bill is the more glowing in addition to this question, it is not the only one. They are also olympic medallists and the world like: Madison Kocian, Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney, Kyla Ross, Jordyn Wieber and Jamie Dantzscher.

According to the legal representatives of the athletes, is seeking stories from current leaders and those who have worked as a contemporary of the sig. Nassar, when the latter was the physician responsible for the of the u.s. team in international events.

Among the other items, looking for the owner of the agency, Susanne Lyons, and Scott Blackmun, a former director of the Committee, along with Alan Ashley, owner of high performance, the performance statements. The intent is to protect the victims, so that before the justice, and the public, know the truth of what the Olympic Committee and Paralympic, united States I learned of the sexual abuse of their athletes, subscribe to the declaration submitted by the lawyers of the gymnasts.

However, in February of this year, the lawyers of the American Federation of Gymnastics they offered $ 215 million for the athletes affected by such removal of the complaint, but more than 140 athletes and actors have rejected the proposal.

According to a research company Strings & Gray, both the former head of the Committee, as the manager of a sports team, were informed of the sexual violence to Nassar, by July 2015, and has never done anything against the exmédico.

Even when the law is ready from home to compete in the postponed Tokyo Olympics 2020 (with a tentative date of July 23 to August 8, 2021), between the landfill and their workouts, will seek justice to fall the rest of the responsible, in one of the scandals most strong of sexual harassment in the olympic sport world.

Deep controversy for the USOPC

The Olympic Committee and Paralympics, the united States, also addresses the needs of the athletes, as the Champion of the Pan american Hammer Throwing, Gwen Barry, who, on receiving the gold medal in the Games Lima 2019, raised his right fist and bowed his head to listen to the National Anthem of their country, to emulate the signal Black Power in the Olympic games of Mexico 68 did John Carlos and Tommie Smith, and denounce, as well as the growing inequality and racial in the united States.

For this reason, the us Committee suspended for a year, for the athlete, and now, after the killing of afro-americans, George Floyd from violence the police, the same agency was expressed in favour of the fight against racism, with which the pitcher has asked for a public apology before the double morality of their punishment and their instructionsthat, he says, cost him nearly a million dollars in sponsorship and preparation for the Tokyo Games in 2020.

From: Katya Lopez