The best international series for Amazon Prime for the start of the summer


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Amazon Prime Video has established itself as one of the platforms content onlin the most important of the time. Their productions are giving a lot of what to talk about all over the world. An example of this is the recent release of The Presidentbased on the scandal of FIFA’s Gate, which has shaken the world of football in 2015.

Amazon is also notable for expand more and more of its catalogue of films and series of Spanish and international very popular and prestigious. On this occasion we will talk about international seriesnot the premiere, arriving in the month of June and that makes you pleasure if you subscribed to the platform. There are productions to suit all tastes, from the 6 seasons of the popular Lost until the first deliveries of the reality show, the eccentric family Kardashian.

Lost – 6 seasons

On the 23rd of may marked the 10 years after the end of the Lost (Lost), considered to be one of the best series the history of television. The flight 815 of Oceanic Airlines – Sydney to Los Angeles crashes on a deserted island and a group of people you can’t survive. From this traumatic, in fact, the series features the struggle of the 70 survivors of the accident, living in a context really very complex.

Frame of Lost.

The story, moreover, has different flashback for the viewer about the lives of the characters and the why of their actions. Lost it was a phenomenon in a large part of the world. In a time when there was WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram, the creation of a forum to discuss on the plot.

Also, at that time were not the platforms to the letter, so that we had to wait with anxiety the day and time in which it has been presented a preview of each episode. And to see it again, you had to expect a repetition or to try to download it from some site… The american series has won several awards and had high levels of the public in all their six years in the air. Starting this month, you’ll be able to enjoy them 6 full seasonscomposed of 121 episodes in total, on Amazon Prime Video.

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The Kardashian – The first 8 seasons

This reality show, for the first time in the year 2007, shows the daily life of the family The Kardashian / Jennercomposed by Kris Jenner, recognized for corporate american and their 4 children. Without a doubt, the most famous of which is Kim Kardashiana public figure that has achieved worldwide recognition, and in particular of this series.

Currently, he is an entrepreneur very important. Launched fragrances and accessories, as KKW Beauty and Grazes, which have been a resounding sales success. In 2016, Kim Kardashian was on the cover of the prestigious journal of economic Forbes. Also, in recent times, has had several meetings with Donald Trumpthe president of the united States. It is estimated that, together with her husband, the rapper Kanye Westthey have assets of about a billion and a half dollars.

Frame Kardashian.

Frame Kardashian.

But not everything was roses and flowers for Kim. Her jump to fame was not, precisely, for his work as an entrepreneur. In the year 2002, has been involved in a scandal to the disclosure of a porn movie that shot with her ex boyfriend, the rapper Ray J. In the first 8 seasons The Kardashianthat are already available on Amazon Prime Video, the star of the show is Kim.

This is a good opportunity for those who are interested in the life of the popular celebrities american. Of course, the show is all charm and luxury that is the characteristic of this american family. Currently, the reality show produced by channel E! going from your season 17.

New Amsterdam – Season 2

Series medical, Dr. House, Greys Anatomy, and ER emergency room, always they have fascinated millions of spectators. This is the case of New Amsterdamwhich , in its first season has had very good ratings and a large consensus from critics.

Like other series of this theme, the story is based on the real facts. In this case, is that the stories Eric Manheimer in his book 12 patients: life and death in the Hospital Bellevue, of which he was director. This institution, founded in 1736, and the public health center ancient of the united States.

Frame of New Amsterdam.

Frame of New Amsterdam.

The protagonist of the series is the Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold), who has been appointed the director of the hospital. The peculiarity is that, years ago, his sister died. After the appointment, it wants to completely change the reality of the institute. That is the reason why we check several cardiologists, hiring new doctors and suppresses the waiting room.

New Amsterdam a critique of the the u.s. healthcare systemin particular, the cost is supposed to be a citizen to run a query, or a medical treatment. The second season, produced by NBC, was presented at the September, 2019, and as confirmed a third-party.

Dexter – 8 seasons

The series tells the life of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a forensic doctor in Miami who specializes in the analysis of the blood. It seems to have a perfect life, and resolved. This is a great professional, is a guy who is faithful and a great brother and friend. But, in reality, the doctor hides its true nature: it is a psychopath killer, looking for criminals to do what they considered “taking the law into their own hands”. Dexter is methodical, cold and calculating at the time of the killing, which makes the cases difficult of solution, for the Miami police.

The best of the series is, without a doubt, the role of Michael C. Hallthat makes the viewer extremely uncomfortable throughout their 8 seasons. The story has received positive reviews, especially during the 5 the first deliveries. Hall has also won a Golden Globe for her brilliant interpretation. The series ended in 2013, and their 8 full seasons will be available at the end of the month on Amazon Prime Video.

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