We use FaceApp to turn players from “Elite” to the opposite sex


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FaceApp is a mobile app available for iOS and Android, which is revolutionizing the social networks.

This uses facial recognition, and artificial intelligence to transform users in a realistic manner. Among its many functions, the app can do is try to 20 or 30 years more and change your features to appear like the opposite sex.

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After that some celebrities showed us how it would look with a sex change, we have decided to transform your favorite characters Elite.

Make yourself comfortable and get ready to fall in love with the other version of these famous. Are you ready?

Esther Expósito – Carla Rosón

In addition to being considered one of the stars of the show, Esther is falling in love with the social network for their sensual form of dance and the relationship with the mexican actor, Alejandro Speitzer.

With her beautiful green eyes and delicate features, Spanish shows that even with short hair would still be looking for a whole beauty. We can talk about how cute it looks with the beard?

Eduardo Parra/ FaceApp

Jorge Lopez – Valerio Montesinos

The feast, vengeful, and full of mystery, so is Valerio Said.

When we think of the success as interpreter in chile, it is impossible to ignore their unique hair, that stands out in her own feminine image. Do you like how it looks?

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Twitter/ FaceApp

Danna Paola – Lucrecia Montesinos

The singer plays Lucrecia Montesinos Hendrich, the daughter of the ambassador of Mexico in Spain and the girl is the more rough of the College of the Oaks.

Considered as one of the key characters of the series, ‘Lu’, managed to conquer the hearts of the audience with his attitude cold, calculating and full of confidence. With a change of sex could be a singer of reggaeton, don’t you think?

danna 10
Twitter/ FaceApp

Georgina Amorós – Cayetana Grajera

Better known as the ‘Caye’, this character-filled mystery, the second and the third season of the hit series of Netflix.

His gaze, full of goodness, and her delicate features are preserved also in its male version. We love it!

georgina amoros 2
Twitter/ FaceApp

Jaime Lorente – Fernando Garcia

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like the female version of the Nano, here you have the answer.

Unlike the profile of bad boy that he holds in the series, his side the opposite seems much more relaxed and friendly.

jaime lorente
Mondadori Portfolio/ FaceApp

Aaron Piper – Ander Muñoz

Famous for stealing the hearts of many followers, Aaron Piper, shows that, even with long hair and a little make-up would have remained in that attitude badass that so characterized.

aron piper
Beatriz Velasco/ FaceApp

My Hammani – Nadia Shana

Nadia is an ambitious, determined and very intelligent. Your character is able to meet all over the world, thanks to his friendly attitude and caring.

In his version, the male continues to maintain its beautiful features moroccan. It looks beautiful with this look boho. Declare to be a fan of his smile!

mina el hammani
Juan Naharro Gimenez/ FaceApp

Miguel Bernardeau – Guzman Nunier

The adopted son of a wealthy business man Ventura Nunier and leader of the group, the most popular of the Oaks, has managed to fall in love for the followers with his loyalty unwavering, and his hypnotic blue eyes.

With the long hair and the features a little more delicate, it looks like a spectacular red. Do you like how it looks?

miguel bernardeau
Eduardo Parra/ FaceApp

Maria Pedraza – Navy Nunier

Although Marina is no longer part of the series, his role has a special place in our hearts, thanks to his daring, and charismatic.

In her male version, she looks messy that reminds us of a heart-throb of the ‘ 90s.

maria pedraza
Juan Naharro Gimenez/ FaceApp

Itzan Escamilla – Samuel Garcia

Samuel Garcia Dominguez, played by Spanish Itzan Escamilla, is one of the most important characters of the Élitand. Also known as Samu, the brother of the Nano is characterized by being loyal, kind, and very brave.

Is it our imagination, or looks like a mix between Lucy Hale and Penelope Cruz?

itzan escamilla
Carlos Alvarez/ FaceApp

Omar Ayuso – Omar Shanaa

After you have revealed one of the revelations the most important of the plot, Omar has managed to earn the love for the LGBT community+ and a very special place in our heart.

With the long hair and the features more delicate and seems to be equally incredible.

jorge ayuso
Carlos Alvarez/ FaceApp

Which transformation you like the most? Tell us in the comments.

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