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The shocking physical change of the actor Jamie Foxx has come to resemble the best version of body of exboxeador Mike Tyson has left surprised his followers on the social network Instagram.

On this platform, the american artist has shared the photo that show that not only has gained the body mass, but has also lost up to the last percentage of fat stored in the body.

There are seven photographs taken by him, in front of a large mirror in his room.

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In your posting InstagramJamie Foxx shared a message that explains how important it is for him to play a role like this.

“The transformation begins. Search For Mike”. It is not a secret that I have been hunting for a biography of Mike Tyson for some time. People always ask me when that will happen. Things finally have been aligned. A few months ago we started the journey. The first (phase) but the most important task is to transform the body with a regiment of pull-ups, push-ups and pull-ups, we had a good start. We have a long way to go, but God through you can. As I said, we have a long way to go … But I’m ready to get there!”, wrote.

It is clear the importance that Foxx is a real winner in the afro-american Mike Tyson. More in the times of pursuit of equality and respect for the breed.

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In his account of InstagramJamie Foxx recently shared several photos of his participation in the marches for this initiative. Also some mass to the memory of George Floyd.

The actor, 52 years old, was born in Texas and enjoys a wide recognition in the Hollywood industry.

Some time ago, has been in the news in the media for his relationship with Katie Holmes, who finally did not become a good port.

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