The world concert in honor of the health of workers, will be broadcast by TNT in Latin america


The Saturday 27 June is an important date for lovers of the music of the planet in the midst of the pandemic of COVID-19.

That day will be concert Global Goal: Join for Our The future that will be transmitted to TNT for Latin america.

The the recital will be in online format and will have the duration of two hours with shows and special presentations of various artists.

The music initiative aims celebrate the innovators, scientists, health professionals, activists, and organizations work to develop and deploy youststreatments and vaccines against the COVID-19.

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How and who will participate? Lfor a list of the artists that will participate in the concert will be announced this Monday, June 22,.

The concert it is an initiative of Global Citizenof which Miley Cyrus is one of its active promoters, and the The European Commissionthe that last may has announced the campaign “Global Goal: Join for Our The future”, which includes a summit meeting aimed to get funds to coordinate the development of testtreatments and vaccines for the COVID-19 and ensure their fair access for alls.

The campaign seeks to reduce the impact of the new coronavirus in the most vulnerable communities on the planet.