The storm way to the podium at the olympic games. Simone Bill, the childhood, the storm and a victim of sexual abuse | Journal AM


Today, I will tell you of the dark and difficult life of one who is about to become the gymnast, the most honored in the united States. This Star has led to the choice of your country to head in the medal count of their discipline during the Olympic Games of River of Janeiro 2016, but its history is marked by many situations that could easily make it fall from the bars of life.

Simon Bill is the best gymnast on the planet, given that its debut in 2013 has won a series of impressive awards, including four olympic gold medals (one of which is in a general category, individual) and a bronze, as well as three gold medals at the world championships individual and two team.

He is a specialist on the ground, then a jump has been named in his honor. At the beginning of his career, he did a somersault amazing, ‘ The bill’. It consists of a double fatal in iron, which ends with a half twist, and it is said that the movement is not within the reach of anyone.

He was born on march 14, 1997 in Columbus, Ohio, from the age of 15 years, he studied at home in order to devote more time to the gym, and at the end of high school, he was already two times world champion in his specialty.

Simon and his three brothers had a very difficult childhood because of the dependency of their parents, and during the following three years, the children went from house to house to house to house until her grandparents adopted Simone and her sister Adria and raised in Houston, while her aunt has adopted her older siblings.

During an excursion to a fitness centre, a day I was imitating the young that there would be trained when the trainer has seen. “The gym sent a letter home asking me to join the team of a trampoline or artistic gymnastics,” says Simone on the website of the Federation of Gymnastics in the US.

That experience has guided the career of the olympic champion, and his sister also enjoys the sport. Unlike their is his older brother, Tevin. He was accused in mid-2019 for a triple murder while he was an active member in service at the u.s. The army.

He was arrested in Georgia and the charges he faced were murder, homicide, assault and perjury in a feast for the December 31, 2018. When Simon heard the news he tweeted: “Biting my feelings. I don’t turn the word” and a few days later, he was able to express his feelings on the issue:

“My heart aches for all those involved, particularly the victims and their families. There is nothing I can say to heal the pain, but I would like to express my most sincere condolences to all those affected by this terrible tragedy.”

When it seemed that the problems of childhood were over, Bill has revealed on Twitter that, as part of the movement, I have been a victim of sexual abuse by the former doctor of the olympic team of gymnastics in their country.

The offender, Larry Nassar, was sentenced to 60 years in prison for possession of child pornography, and 175 for sexually abusing more than 140 women.

“Most know me as a happy girl, smiling and full of energy. But lately I’ve felt broken, and the more I try to shut down that voice in my head, the most high calls out to me. I am no longer afraid to tell my story. I am also one of the survivors who have suffered sexual abuse by Larry Nassar,” wrote the gymnast’s movement to Me.

Simone reported that Nassar took advantage of their trust: “it Is a behavior that is totally unacceptable, disgusting and offensive, especially because it came from someone who told me that he has confidence,” he wrote in his statement. Also, in an interview, Bill had accused the Federation of Gymnastics “, Literally, he had a job to do and were not able to protect ourselves.”

The superstar of the gym joined the athletes on Monday, June 15, submitted a formal complaint against the Olympic Committee and Paralympic united States (USOPC, for its acronym in English) for sexual abuse.

The etch his name in the cause, will force her to appear before the court of justice, together with the other athletes in the olympic Madison Kocian, Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney, Kyla Ross, Jordyn Wieber and Jamie Dantzscher and the other 140 victims of sexual violence, the biggest sexual predator in american sports, Larry Nassar.

The motion was filed in federal court in Indianapolis and want to cause to bear witness, among others, Susanne Lyons, the current president of the USOPC; Scott Blackmun, exCEO of the organization, and Alan Ashley, the former chief of sport performance.

Last February, lawyers for the sport’s governing body (USA Gymnastics) offered $ 215 million for the solution of the federal case. They have asked that any claim present or future, that have been discarded, and leaders of the past and present of the organization would not have had to declare. The 156 victims of Nassar rejected the deal.

Judge Robyn L. Moberly, the Bankruptcy Court of the united States in the Southern District of Indiana, said that the federation of gymnastics, it would have been a “massive benefits of this agreement that indemnifies the organization from any claim, demand, well that goes for the whole of this case, and surely, many heads will fall.

If anything you could take as an example of our neighbor to the north is the justice system, rarely do they miss something, and even if the pressure of the media was able to influence in this collective case, must not be ignored, it may be an earlier and a milestone in the history of the sport, legal-not only in the united States, if not in the world of sport.

It is not a secret that the sexual abuse taking advantage of the trusted organizations that deal with children is very common, and, though little reported, like all attacks of this type, it is something that must end.


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