The director of ‘Baby Driver’ direct ‘Chain’, a thriller about a kidnapping


Without a doubt, one of our favorite directors. Edgar Wright we have shown the solvency narrative, and some action scenes are unique Baby Driverthat has left us all speechless, for this reason, when we discovered that you have a project in hand, we were very encouraged with desire. On this occasion, came to the light that will bring to the big screen in the famous novel The Chainby Adrian McKinty, for the Universal.

What is The Chain? It is a thriller, somewhat in conflict, that revolves around a family that will abduct the child, and the only way to save it, save it, their kidnapping of the son of another person to change, in less than 24 hours. It would be like a chain of accident in case of seizure. Wright, who has organized a very juicy figure for this project also will produce, while the adaptation of the script by Jane Goldman (X-Men: First Class, Kingsman: The Golden Circle).

In truth, this combination of talents more interesting sounds. Wright and Goldman work material engaging, with the development of the story becomes dark and disturbing; a written desperate and very psychological, which has been praised by legends of the genre literature, such as Don Winslow and the same Stephen King.

Of course that is not the only project in the course of Edgar in his waistband. You already have in the folder Last Night in Sohothat, because of the coronavirus delayed his first until April 2021. A movie starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomasin McKenzie and Matt Smith, inspired by Repulsion Roman Polanski, where we have a young woman who travels back in time. And also signed on to direct Set My Heart at Fiveanother adaptation of a science fiction novel, more existential, about an android who begins to have feelings. We love it!


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