Josie Diez Canseco brings a message for you


ARIES: 20TH MAR – 19TH APR.: Today I want to present to someone that you will love from the first moment, to use all the weapons in conquest, it’s worth it, but you’ll have to fight against the shyness. Due to the absence of some of your work, you are able to handle a problem connected with sales, even if you have no experience, your wits will allow you to perform with lot of efficiency. The numbers of success, 10.

TAURUS: APRIL 20 – MAY 20.: Tolerance and the ability to forgive will be put to the test by someone very dear, who will try to make you doubt your partner you are going to lie to you, finally, to forgive him, but the trust will never be the same. After a lot of efforts to get the prizes, you will begin to enjoy prosperity, but you will also have more responsibilities to attend to. The number of successes, 5.

GEMINI: 21 MAY – 21 JUN.: The way to express your feelings will be tender and romantic, today, the passion will not be a part of your emotions, your partner will be surprised, but you will enjoy your way of loving her. Flexibility and a spirit of conciliation will allow you to be a part of a work team, formed by people of different ages and different thoughts of you. The number of successes, 4.

CANCER: 22 JUNE – 21 AUG.: Platonic love does not interest you, take the initiative with the person who seems interested in you, and it is not the first step, now what are you going to do, and the romance becomes a reality. The economic benefits of the investments made at the end will start to come, and will be a great help to your economy. The number of successes, 7.

LEO: 22 JUL – 22 AUG.: Your romantic problems will be more, today there will be reconciliation, celebrate romantically and it will disappear from your mind the negative thoughts that made you think of a final severance. The job will run without problems, the new economic development, you will receive a voucher that is not described. The number of successes, 12.

VIRGO: 23 AUGUST – 22 SEPT.: It is a good day to show the person that you want the
feelings, since you’re more communicative, and very creative in your way of expressing your love. You will associate in a small firm, the entries will not be as plentiful, but constant, and indicates a good contribution to your economy. The number of successes, 11.

LIBRA: SEPTEMBER 23. 22 OCT.: Impactarás and capture the attention wherever you go, but be careful to be seduced by people of immature which could not provide the serious relationship that you are looking for, try to meet more people who are close to you. You feel like you’re moody and you could discuss it with someone important to your job, pull yourself together, because you would lose and stability, would be in danger. The number of successes, 3.

SCORPIO: 23 OCT – 22 NOV.: Speak with sincerity and not the streets, the inconveniences that have caused some of the attitudes of your partner, but do so without trying to upset you, think about it every word, and things will be clear. Check very well your bonds, because you may forget to pay something important, and then you would have problems with the more that would increase your debt. The numbers of success, 15.

SAGITTARIUS: 23 NOVEMBER – 22 DEC.: A disappointment that has left deep marks and is close to love, but today something will change, someone who is not discouraged with the cold and distant attitude will attract your attention and arouse new emotions in you. Your economy improves, there may be an increase or why did you decide to accept a new job that you will offer. The number of successes, 2.

CAPRICORN: DEC 23 – JAN 21.: Pay more attention to your relationship and you will realize that there is a certain resentment for the little time you spend with the most love and romantic details you’ll be able to remedy the situation. You have before you is a great investment proposal, don’t hesitate to look at your savings, you will not regret and you will come out winning. The number of successes, 6.

AQUARIUS: 22 JAN – 17 FEB.: You will feel romantic and passionate, I look for a company that is appropriate, but without pressure or request, you can now find someone with your same ideas and that will give you the entertainment what you ask for. You will work on the project with a lot of faith and enthusiasm, the desire to achieve success do not a loss of detail. The numbers of success, 10.

FISH: 18 FEB – 19 MAR.: Day very happy and in love, your partner will show willing and who takes the initiative in everything, this will be the appropriate time to represent a more serious commitment. Good image work could end today, if you allow yourself to be carried away by impatience, and you get to show authoritarian, with little tolerance, the relationship with the environment will continue to be in harmony. The numbers of success, 19.


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