Faces of the historiography of Tuna in the time


The first of July is the day set for the celebration of the Day of the Cuban Town in homage to Emilio Roig de Leuchsenring, a famous researcher and historian, who, at that date, in 1935, received the status of Historical City of Havana.

On the occasion of this event, the Union of Historians of Cuba, has made a commemoration day of 14 June, the anniversary of the birthday of Antonio Maceo and Ernesto Guevara, until the 26th of July, the Day of National Rebellion. In these days, and with the needs of the beginning of the recovery after the battle against the COVID-19, pays homage to the historic tuneros. We make a short journey from the genesis of these batalladores from the story.

Some of the teachers and activists of History, to continue the legacy of Manuel Herrera Martinez, first historian of Tuna in the last century, compiled and studied the local issues. In the first decade of the 70’s, to capture the preparation of this discipline, and start the search: a History of the ancient city of the Region of Tuna.

In July of 1981, some receive the National Seminar on Historical Research conducted by specialists of the Institute of History of Cuba. Among the first actions was the seeking to know the largest sugar mills in Las Tunas, developed from 1983 to 1985; as well as the participation in this same year, the II National Meeting of the Local Historical Santiago de Cuba.

Founded the National Union of Historians of Cuba (Unhic) on December 7, 1981, its president, the historian Julio Reverend Lee, together with Antonio Perez Herrero, a member of the Central Committee of the Party, initiate negotiations organizational beginning of a new phase of development of the guild of researchers in this field.

The January 23, 1986, is founded the local Branch of the Union of Historians, in Las Tunas, will activate the work of historians of the province. Part of those founding members: Eduardo Garces, Belkis M. López, Ramón Batista, Placido Cruz, Victor Marrero, Miriam Reyes, Serafina Around, Recaredo Rodriguez, Amelia Gutierrez, Rene Pupo, Ricardo Selves, Ernesto Carralero, Mayra Acebo, among others.

At the end of the Trip the Day of the Cuban Town is worth talking to other historians tuneros that have left an imprint imperishable in the historiography tunera, among them: Salvador Regueira, Peter O. Verdecie, Luis Galano, Alberto Pupo, Teresa Fair, Gisela Olano, Carlos Tamayo, Angel A. Rodriguez, Ridelio Fernández, Esteban Vetch, Omar Villafruela, Abel J. Taylor, Odalis Perez, Rafaela Martinez.

In addition, Jorge L. Pérez, Orlando Torres, Frank Arteaga, José Quesada, braulia yet Aguilera, Margarita García, Germán Batista, Nelson Marrero, Iradis Naranjo, Ernesto Triguero, a Sign of Grave de Peralta, Belsy Ruiz, Sarvelio War, Joel Lachataignerais, Joan M. Cardosa, Raul Oliva, Yirina Toranzo, Patricia Garcia, Reinaldo Avalley, and many more that memory can bring me to the risk of unpardonable not to mention, but which are, without a doubt in the list of honour.


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