10 looks from Elle Fanning, to become an icon of elegance and glamour


We met her as the sweet princess Aurora is sumiría into a deep sleep by pricking the finger with a spinning wheel when she turned 16 years old, in a magic that has made him Angelina Jolie embodying Maleficent. From that moment, Elle Fanning it has become a prominent figure within the world of the show and with a wide variety of projects that, little by little, they were among the elite of Hollywood, putting on the pair of his sister Dakota Fanning, which has already enjoyed several years in the industry, that at the time Elle made her debut in the acting world.

It is not a coincidence that Elle has performed in several royal dynasties during his artistic career, if you take into account that in real life his style at the time you dress and your face remind us of any of the sovereigns of the most famous in the world. Elle certainly has an aura of the queen’s innate, and that his choices at the time of dressing which always responds to an elegant, classic style, but at the same time it allows you to test with a look much more bold.

Despite what many might think, Elle has not escaped the trolls of the Internet who have dared to question their choices in terms of fashion, claiming that in any way make you look much older than their age. Luckily, the actress is laughing at these comments, because it is very clear what kind of clothes you favor and will make highlight your beauty.

In an interview with the magazine Marie Claire this year, the actress commented that in an attempt to fit in a style more appropriate for girls their age, when I was in high school, I tried to use tights and top with the suggestive, but realized that it was not at all your style.

“I went to many second-hand shops, has mixed a number of pieces that successfully and created a dress, but in reality that is not the most beautiful thing in middle school. I tried to use tight jeans or a top to look sexy at a bar mitzvah, but in reality it was not me, not I saw nothing good.”

While some still show some resistance to a vintage-style, Elle was one of the first actresses of the new generation, who embraced completely this style, given that your wardrobe is a mixture of the greatest stars of the Hollywood classic Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kellybut with a modern touch and subtle in the details.


For the actress, the red carpet is the perfect opportunity to show your personality and taste in fashion clothes to pieces by the protagonists of the project or the part of firms Elie Saab, Gucci, Miu Miuto cite some examples.

“From a very young age, I knew the names of all the models hit the runway. I always liked to review the magazines and appreciate the fashion… The red carpet is an amusement park for me, and do not be in anxiety. On the contrary, is a creative space where I can be myself 100% and not a character. In some way my soul leaves afloat”.

There is no doubt that the soul of the actress, shines its own light with every appearance he makes in a rug, that is the reason why we have selected the 10 best looks that have been highlighted in all of its splendor and elegance.

1. Elle spring

Elle Fanning at the British Independent Film Awards in 2012. Photo: Getty Images

This design spring rose Oscar de la Rentawas the choice of the actress to participate in the British Independent Film Awards of the year 2012 in the city of London, where Elle was shown in his great sense of fashion.

2. Glamour, like a mantra

Elle Fanning at the Kensington Palace in 2013. Photos: Elle Magazine

With this design Georges HobeikaElle was part of a reception, a fashion show, private couture-inspired designs Maleficent, the proceeds of which were destined for the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

3. Royalty absolute

Elle Fanning at the world premiere of “Maleficent” in 2014. Photo: Getty Images

Impossible not to be part of this-counting the unforgettable dress Elie Saab the film is to be used for the world premiere of Maleficent and with that shout to the world that a new fashion icon was born.

4. Red killer

Elle Fanning at the premiere of “the Neon Demon” in Paris, June 2016. Photo: Getty Images

Leaving behind his seems to be more of a princess, to the premiere of her film The Neon Demon in Paris, the actress opted for this dress to short red style femme fatale, which is integrated with the small ring at his neck, giving a touch of originality to the look.

5. The Material Girl

Elle Fanning at the Elle Fanning attended the Variety Of Young Hollywood, in the month of August 2016. Photo: Getty Images

In a style a little more casual but without leaving behind the elegance and the class, Elle attended an event of the magazine Variety in 2016 the use of this original design Marc Jacobs and the actress commented at the time that the dress reminded him of the style of Madonna at the time Material Girl the structure of the project

6. Pink chic

Elle Fanning during the Gucci Cruise 2017, the fashion show in London, England. Photo: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

During a break from her commitments as an actress, Elle participated in a parade of Gucci in the English capital in 2017, where she wore a very classic but at the same time modern with this elegant set, which he completed with accessories in pink, the break with the uniformity, and to give life to the dress.

7. ABBA style

Elle Fanning at the Met Gala 2019. Photo: Getty Images
Elle Fanning at the Met Gala 2019. Photo: Getty Images

With this set of two signature pieces Miu Miu with the who attended the Met Gala last year, Elle us confirmation that perfectly might be a part of the ABBA and go for the whole world Dancing Queen.

8. Haute Couture

Elle Fanning on the red carpet during the Cannes film Festival in 2019. Photo: Getty Images

A mile in length, and distinguished, and lucia Fanning, with this design floral couture Valentino for the premiere of the Les Miserables in the famous French festival in its first edition last year, which he completed with a braid in your hairstyle.

9. Aurora in all its glory

Elle Fanning at the world premiere of “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil”. Photo: Getty Images

All the beauty and sweetness of Aurora is depicted in this beautiful design Gucci with floral details that any other actress would look very bad, but in the case of Elle, she wears it to perfection.

10. Ellegancia and distinction

Elle Fanning at the premiere of “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil”. Photo: Getty Images

Decorated in an elegant Armani PrivéElle attended the premiere of the sequel to Maleficent with this elegant design that combines a found a connection to / with the wide skirt, accompanied with the sleeves, that give a touch of modernity to the dress.

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