What’s new Amazon Prime Video: ‘the one Sent by The Evil’, ‘The Green Hell’, ‘The Extrao’…


A bunch of ttulos, which will make the delight of fans of the fantastic is incorporated in the catalog of the platform

Everyone gives the catalog Amazon Prime Video it grows by leaps and bounds, especially in the ttulos of terror and the fantastic. In fact, in this platform, we are able to find the saga Scream the complete, more ttulos of Friday the 13th or The Texas chainsaw Massacre of Tobe Hooper, among many others.

From today, the court quite a few movies that are new in their catalogue is a perfect opportunity to enjoy them if it is already the second part of this platform. Otherwise, you can try during 30 days for free.


Joan. Kat. Pink. Three girls united by a series of mysterious events. While Joan passes through icy streets in the middle of the night, Kat and Rose are waiting on a school for women to have the parents pick them up for the winter holidays. As the minutes pass, a foreboding doom aduea of the place.


It tells the story of Trevor Reznik, a machine operator of a factora interested in insomnia and regular. Instead of asking for help, and Trevor hides his illness as a dark and shameful secret. In your life there are two women: A prostitute who visits at dawn, and a waitress that works at the airport in order to heal his sick son.


A group of young activists leave your plcida life in New York to venture into the remote jungles To the defense of nature and as a form of protest against large companies that take advantage of the virgin land. But after an accident, you damage with a tribe of canbales.


The life of a small rural community in Korean is seen disturbed by a series of murders wild and mysterious. Rumors and superstitions are propagated due to the presence, as a short time ago, an elderly stranger who lives as a ermitao. First, the incompetence of the police, some of the inhabitants of the village take a chamn.


A group of science students discover the ruins of an ancient civilizacin india. Soon, a spirit of evil is inserted into the body of one of them, and the student posedo try to kill all of them.


The young Brodie is forced to live with their tos, two christians evanglicos that I do not understand the taste of the guy so satnico. Luckily, Brodie knows Zakk, with which it forms a metal band called Deathgasm. When they discover a mysterious score, convocarn without wanting to be a demon. Here are the cctel perfect: heavy metal, gore, and laughter.


In the near future, a apagn mass of humanity runs in the end. In this scenario, we find Nell (Ellen Page), Eva (Evan Rachel Wood), two sisters who live with the father in a house of about forty miles of the city of ms close. Driven by the difficulty to survive, the two girls have that ingenirselas for the fight against hunger and looters.


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