Kei Nishikori announced a surprising news for the fans


Kei Nishikori announced a surprising news for the fans

It’s been over six months since Kei Nishikori of Japan, has appeared in a tennis match. He was last seen playing in the US Open, where he injured his elbow in the third round.

Joined the japanese national team for the clash of the Davis Cup against Ecuador in the month of march. However, he was not fit enough to play, so they remained on the bench.

Since then it has been the recovery and practice, but the pandemic has delayed his return. Nishikori has been training in Florida, united States. Has undergone elbow surgery and has since recovered well.

According to reports from her agency, IMG, and play some tournaments that are not official in the united States. Even if the players will be closely monitored with frequent checks of temperature and allow a smaller number of the technical body as part of the rules that must be followed during these tournaments.

Do when you will be back Kei Nishikori tennis at a competitive level?

Nishikori to play the Masters in Cincinnati is scheduled for 15 August to 23 August. Then you will be able to play the US Open, which begins on 31 August.

The current range of Nishikori is 31, but their range protected 10 for the tournament. Nishikori is the asian player better ranked. He was going to win the final of the US Open 2014 second place against Marin Cilic .

Since then, he has reached the semi-finals two times. It is expected a strong return. Even if he has not played much, Nishikori has in mind his tactics and has devised strategies to defeat Novak Djokovic during the pandemic.

“I have reviewed and re-evaluated my options, from a different point of view. Djokovic is a player who is very consistent, rarely makes mistakes, but now I have a few tactics against him to try to in my head ”, said Nishikori.

The return of the tennis Grand Slam has divided the fraternity of tennis. The best players like Novak Djokovic , Rafael Nadal , Dominic Thiem , etc., have indicated that they could jump the american part of the season.

On the side of the WTA, Simona Halep agreed with the comments of Djokovic on the current situation and why this is not the right time to restart the game of tennis. While some players, like Andy Murray are ready to shoot at the US Open.

And the current british No. 1 Dan Evans has said that the concern for Djokovic it only affects the top-ranked player and non-players of a lesser rank. No asian man has won a grand Slam until now, but Nishikori was close in 2014.

The participation of players of higher rank is in danger. Nishikori also claims to have different tactics for the big match. Then, finally you could use this to write their name in history and become the first Asian Champion Grand Slam Man.