Given that I want to start playing, but I am worried about the situation


Naomi Osaka: Because I want to start playing, but I am worried about the situation

Leaving aside the anti-racism campaign that has started in the last few weeks, along with other great figures of sport, in general, are dark-skinned, Naomi Osaka start planning what will be the return to the activity from the month of August with everything and the doubts that has been created by the decision of the organizers of the US Open to schedule your next edition without having first checked the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

The tennis player japanese, 22 years old, and the current world number 10, said: “I want to play. In this moment, I’m preparing as if it were to happen now, but I’m also worried.

I don’t know if you’re really ready for this, if the rules continue to change and also if there will be another peak, you never know what is going to happen. I am also worried about the trip, because the players have to travel frequently”

“I was recently training. I think that to improve my game in tennis, now it will take more to find the balance, I think, the things I worked on before the quarantine.

I think that all the players are really competitive and when there is nothing to compete is a bit boring, he added,” the japanese statements, taken from the ‘Breaking Point’ ONE OF THE GREAT FAVOURITES Osaka will be without a doubt one of the main operators to follow the U. s. Open in 2020, where currently already confirmed the participation of american Serena Williams and the defending champion, the canadian Bianca Andreescu and the Romanian Simona Halep, the current world number two, has already said that will not be part of the event, and recently returned to the activities on the tour of the clay in Europe.

It is worth mentioning that the best interest of Naomi Osaka at the US Open was the edition of 2018, where they took the title, and opened his belt inside the Grand Slam. You don’t see the japanese player has obtained the second prize in the u.s. Open?