Elektra, The Next Karate Kid and other spin-offs that ruined their franchise


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When a movie has a lot of success, manufacturers do not hesitate to make a sequel or investing in a successful franchise. Sometimes I would make a spin-off with the story of each character in the same universe.

Looking for Dory or the new saga The Fantastic Animals: who was born Harry Potter are some examples of successful spin-offs. However, not all run with the same luck.

We present you 7 the spin-off that has come to be a disgrace to their franchise.

The Next Karate Kid

For nearly ten years, the teachings of Miyagi, and the talent of Daniel LaRusso played the franchise of Karate Kid. However, in 1994, exactly 10 years after the debut of the first film, came The Next Karate Kid sort of a spin-off of the franchise that has been heavily criticized.

pat morita and hilary swank in the next karate kid 1994
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The film picks up the figure of master Miyagi, who is now as a disciple of Julie Pierce, played by Hilary Swank. This film has a measly 7% in the Rotten Tomatoesa percentage regrettable in comparison with 88%, which holds the first tape.


In 2003, Daredevil introduced us to this powerful superhero and his love interest Elektra his secret identity. Despite the fact that the film starring Ben Affleck really has not been well received, the producers have opted for a spin-off that focuses on Elektra, played by Jennifer Garner.

daredevil benaffleck
20th Century Fox

Two years later, the story of this experience, the killer was a total failure at the box office and a great pity for the criticism. Previously, Daredevil it was already been evaluated, with the 44% who did not mark a good start. Finally, Elektra buried for a possible franchise, with 11%.

The Scorpion King

In the sequel The Mummy ReturnsRick and Evelyn O’connell are facing new dangers caused by the Scorpion King, starring Dwayne Johnson. The following year, Universal Pictures has decided to take a new franchise, under the command of this powerful character.

dwayne johnson in the mummy returns 2001
Universal Pictures

The Scorpion King he debuted in theaters in 2002 and has obtained a percentage of 40% at Rotten. The seven points below The Mummy Returnsbut much less than the 60% that is the first episode of Mom 1999.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine will always be applauded by the fans. The mutant’s adamantium claws won in such a way that the franchising X-Men you have to have a spin-off focused on him.

hugh jackman wolverine 00
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Unfortunately, the first delivery X-Men Origins – Wolverine it was a disappointment, in Rotten Tomatoes account with 37%.

The good news is that the producers knew the potential of this character and has not lost the faith in such a way that the other two films of the trilogy were much better. The Wolverine he got 71% and Logan, the last delivery, has been crowned as the best, with 93%.

Given these percentages, X-Men Origins – Wolverine you might think of as the misfortune of the family.

Son of the Mask

In 1994, Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz has starred in The Mask, a film that catapulted to the fame of both actors. However, eleven years later, under the premise of this powerful mask for the first time Son of the Maska film that is no longer counted with the participation of these subjects.

the son of the mask movie 2005 sequel 01
New Line Cinema

Son of the Mask it was a terrible error. In Rotten Tomatoes account with a pitiful 6%, which is a shame in comparison with 77% of The Mask.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

In 1994, Street Fighter he established himself as a box office success although it received strong negative criticism of the film is 10% in Rotten Tomatoes). However, the collection was motivated to make a franchise of movies based on this popular video game.

kristin kreuk in street fighter the legend of chun li 2009
Legend Films

However, the spin-off of 2009, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, not only managed to increase the investment in the production, but also worsen the reviews of the previous films. This is reflected in its 5% on the Tomatometer.

Only: Star Wars History

In 2018, the spin-off focusing on Han solo, one of the favorite characters of the Star Wars franchise, has debuted in cinema. The story focuses on the young people Alone is really well received both by the public and by the critics.

han solo in star wars history alden ehrenreich joonas suotamo
Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Pictures

In fact, has an enviable 70% on Rotten tomatoes. However, it is the first film in the star Wars saga considered a failure at the box office, as it grossed almost $393 million dollars worldwide against a budget of 275 million euros. These numbers were enough to discourage the producers to make a sequel.

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