Do you want to have the eyebrows thicker and more defined? There is a trick with the soap that I love you


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For some years, the thick eyebrows have become a must in the world of beauty. Give us personality and a frame to our eyes, gives us a style much more profound.

If you want to learn to make up your face and make your eyes look as amazing and spectacular as Lily Collins, you are in the right place.

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We teach you the final technique that promises to give a thick eyebrows, super sharp and defined with only two ingredients: dark coffee and soap in a bar.

Have the courage to try, the result will surprise you!

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Eyebrows, and with what soap?

This hack the beauty was created by the american company, Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Through a video posted on Instagram, specialists in beauty has shown that the marseille soap is a great ally to get a eyebrows beautiful and full of style.

To obtain this result, you only need a mild soap bar and a brush for the eyebrows.

It is not necessary for you to purchase a new one, you can reuse a mask to cards you no longer use, just make sure that it is free from residues of mascara and dirt.

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Use a little makeup remover or coconut oil to thoroughly clean.

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1. Moisten the surface of the soap with a couple drops of water (should not form the foam). Wet the brush with a hairspray of makeup and frotalo on the bar.

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2. Once you are soaping, comb the eyebrows up and down and side to side. Take the time you need to give them the form and to the effect that you want.

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3. Remove the excess soap with the help of a cloth or a cotton towel.

Wait 2 or 3 minutes until completely dry and proceed to paint the small holes in the empty eye shadow or a pencil that is one tone lower than the color of your hair.

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Once you manage to do this beauty tipyou do not want to use another technique.

In addition to improving the appearance of your eyebrows, the soap brown make your eyes look more beautiful than ever.

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Say goodbye to microblading welcome to eyebrows beautiful and defined, seem to come from a beauty salon. I’ll look FA-BU-LO-SA!

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What do you think, do you have the courage to try? Tell us in the comments.

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