The Lives of Black people matter


We are witnessing the unison of events of worldwide importance. The largest protest for racial justice-arising from the murder of the afro-american George Floyd-the civil rights movement in the ‘ 60s. In the presidencies of Kennedy and Johnson, martin Luther King, jr. and the first black president in the history of the UNITED states. Obama. It is not only american, if not that the blacks have roots in the US, as anyone, with the exception of the american indians: the White House was built by slaves, as noted by Michelle Obama.

The contribution of black culture and the american civilization was amazing, the music and the gastronomy, sport, literature, cinema and even the very idea of freedom. In the midst of this crisis, and the Covid-19 white, people fighting more and more difficult to admit them to the blacks, because if they did, it would have been stripped. “We have become a race,” writes Ta-Nechisi Coates in his essay, Between the world and me. Now, with the murder of George Floyd, America, and the black with the protests in the world has sparked and rekindled the spirit of resistance unprecedented since the years of black power, with the rise of the Black lives matter(the lives of people of color, the material, such as cultural, with the emergence of figures such as the poet Claudia Rankine, rapper Kendrick Lamar and directors. Ava Duvernay and Barry Jenkins. This rebirth is imbued with a sense of history, against the fury of racism that triggered a xenophobic white, ferocious and ignorant has been found on the bully of children and psychopath ludópata, the messiah of his fuhrer president Donald Trump. The crisis in the USA, not only reflects a society divided by racism and discrimination and inequality, but also demonstrates the international community is fragmented, in which the authoritarianism and populism will have a voice of a singer, the result of which will be uncertain.