Sharon Stone Reveals Lightning Almost Killed Her While Ironing Clothes at Home

Sharon Stone.

In a recent interview, the actress recounted her almost surreal experience

She has been, for decades, one of the most sensual women in the world. Her crossing of legs in “Basic Instinct” made her an object of desire and her strong personality of the sets confirms that Sharon Stone is a real diva, with very clear ideas and convictions. However, unlike other stars, Stone has no qualms about showing herself, too, as a flesh-and-blood person who does the same things to any woman. Or almost …

In a recent interview, the actress recounted an almost surreal experience. It all starts with her, ironing clothes in her home kitchen. If the image may seem a little strange, what happened next is, directly, incredible. ” I was struck by lightning. The experience was really intense. I was in the house. We had our own well. She was filling the iron with water and had one hand on the tap and the other on the iron. The well was struck by lightning, electricity circulated through the water until it reached the kitchen faucet, ”he recounted on Brett Goldstein’s podcast.

“ My mother was there with me and she saw everything. I fainted and she had to hit me in the face until she brought me back to life. It was in such a state of alteration that I can’t explain it. I saw everything very bright, “he explained, about the later moments.

The odyssey did not end there. Her mother carried her, put her in the car, and took her to the hospital. There, they found that she still had electrical energy running through her body. Therefore, for more than a week she had to undergo different analyzes. “They did an EKG on me daily, ” he explained. The doctors’ fear was that the current had caused damage to her heart or some other organ. “It was crazy,” she summarized.