Former Miss Colombia, Daniella áLvarez, Gives Her First Interview After the Amputation of Her Foot

Daniella Álvarez

Daniella Álvarez says she will dance “Champeta” again after the amputation of her left foot

Colombian Daniella Álvarez has not waited to return to her normal life after her left foot was amputated. Quite contrary to what everyone would think, the former Miss Colombia feels confident and even grateful for life for the strength she has shown.

“I have not cried for a day, I think only after surgery and pain,” said the beautiful model at first.

With that fortitude in the face of a fact like this, which changed her life forever, Daniella decided to give her first interview to La FM where she said “I don’t see anything harsh: what I’m saying is I’m an athlete, I’m an athlete, I’m going to power with this. I am going to show all of Colombia that I am going to dance Champeta again ”. Obviously, the followers of the beauty queen have not stopped sending messages of love and admiration for the way Daniella has dealt with the situation.

She also added that it was a hard blow for her: “I did not imagine my life without my foot, because I like to dance, but that was a cry, I said to myself: it is my life or a bit that is going to go away. So there I told my family that I accepted my situation, ”she said very confidently and could even be seen happy and energetic. Finally, he said that “people are complaining about nonsense, I want, hopefully, to be able to inspire, to be able to help

Recall that the model had surgery to remove a tumor that was in her leg and her vascular pathways were compromised, including the aorta, which is the one that supplies oxygen to all the body’s organs. That oxygen did not reach the foot and therefore, it had to be amputated.

Daniella has already started her rehabilitation, she is preparing to make a custom prosthesis so that she can continue with her life in a normal way because you feel like it is not lacking. There is no doubt that this woman represents an inexhaustible source of courage and bravery.

You can listen to the full interview here.