Christina Aguilera challenges Instagram with this new image without clothes


Christina Aguilera has managed to compress the social network, once again, appears in a photo without any clothes showing her beautiful figure. It is not something that surprised us, but his spectacular photography, showing, standing with his arms up, he became a retainer of the most controversial.

With the spotlight which illuminated the right side of his body, and dressed simply with some boots and gloves, the north america is landed on the flag LGBTI in a beautiful perched. The reason for this? On the 16th of June, it has been held that the measure of The Civil Rights act of 1964 protects the collective LGBTI+ from discrimination in the workplaceand the artist could not resist to celebrate with all its followers of Instagram.

This port is still one of the more has supported the u.s. during his career. The image is that the reason would not have stopped for anything, indifferent to all the fans of Aguilera, has practiced the comments like “LGBTina ️”, and more than 270 thousand “likes” in the publication. In it the singer has wanted to be very happy with the new law that encourages the community and the LGBTI+, and next to a rainbow and the hashtag #pride multicolor, simulating the rainbow, Christina wrote: “PROUD OF THIS”. What for many was a gesture of great significance.

The amiguĂ­sima of Rosalia has a great musical career and has 6.8 million followers on Instagram. It is an honour for the group and always defends her, a gesture as nice as the one that took the artist through their networks. And if, in addition, appears to be more great, all the reactions are few.