¡Sol Perez returned to TikTok!


Without any doubt, Sol Perez is a goddess of social networking. The conductive Channel 26 to your account TikTok to surprise his followers with a fun dance. The journalist has shown next to her boyfriend, Guido Mazzoni, for the dance, one of the rhythms of time in the app, The “Jeepeta”. To do on the weekend? Sun port 160 thousand views in the application. Success! Look at the video.

“Esssaaa! It is not Friday? Ah, no, lol”, wrote the driver alongside the video. The sun he has already demonstrated a great talent for dancing. He has also shared the clip on his account of Instagram where I came to various comments: “there Are two crack!!!!👏”; “This is so cool!! Some genes ♥️😂”; “Hold this couple a break!!! 👏🏽👏🏽”, he wrote some of his followers. Guido also shared the video on their networks.

On Instagram, the video more than a million visits. Is that Sol Perez already crowned as one of the celebrities argentinas with more coming in the social network of hearts. Every day conquer new followers with their dazzling costumes to the news that bears their exercise routine. Sun train almost every day of the week, and always shares such as the formation of the step-by-step.

Sol Perez found the competition

The exchica climate sparked controversy with its latest advertising on Instagram. This time, he has promoted something unexpected, a brand of soda. But the most strange thing is how he did it. The driver proposed a challenge. What began to dance to the rhythm of a song by Christina Aguilera, “Genie in a bottle”. Many of his followers stressed the wit of the presenter.

Never expected to see something similar in your profile. It was only a matter of time to join more celebrities to the challenge. The video had already gone viral. Two of its competitors, the most striking were the journalist of sport Martin Liberman, and the humorist Pepe Ochoa. Both tried to imitate Sol Perezbut without much success. She has a great talent for the dance. But the result was a lot of fun.