Shakira’s Cousin Appears in Bed Wearing Sensual Black Underwear

Valerie Domínguez

Although she has the luxury of cooking chocolate snacks, Valerie Domínguez retains her spectacular figure

In the quarantine, Valerie Domínguez has done exercise at home, but also cleaning, modeling clothes, dancing, and now cooking, something she shared on her Instagram account.

On this occasion, Shakira’s cousin prepared some chocolate kisses, and published each step of the recipe until she ate the snacks herself, showing that despite this she does not neglect her spectacular figure; In addition, she was seen in bed wearing black lingerie, still smiling.

Already with more than two million followers on InstagramValerie Domínguez has also written messages for all of them in which she encourages reading books and having a positive attitude in the current situation: “Love and thank for what you have and for what not. Gratitude is the beginning of self-love. “