Nanci Ryder, the powerful agent in Hollywood, dies


Customers Nanci Ryder that included Michael J. Fox, Reese Witherspoon, Viggo Mortensen and Sarah Michelle Gellar ended up becoming their close friends. Zellweger thanked Ryder in her speech after receiving the Oscar for best actress for “Judy” this year. Witherspoon was described as a “second mother”.

The social networks were filled with tributes, including Emmy Rossum, who called Ryder “a beacon for me in my career”, and Elizabeth Perkins, who wrote: “Nanci was always at my side, kind, fierce, loyal, determined, and real.”

Nanci Ryder he received the award for the SLA Hero’s 2018, and his speech was read by one of his best friends, Don Diamont (“the Young and the Restless” “The Bold and The Beautiful”), because she could not speak.

“I never wanted to be courageous or inspirational, but in accordance with this award, apparently what I am,” he wrote Nanci Ryder. “So I ask all of you today, I promise that, whatever happens, never ever give up. That is another thing that ALS cannot take away, our will to go ahead.”

During his over thirty-year career behind the scenes, Nanci Ryder facilitated thousands of interviews on behalf of their famous clients and has led many to glory.

After working for several agencies he founded Nanci Ryder Relations with the public in 1984, with Michael J. Fox, as his first customer.

“I was the first customer of Nanci, when he was working from his apartment with a couple boxes of files and cleaning that he left his dog,” said the Fox to The Hollywood Reporter, in 2015. “All I was, what I spent with Nanci”.

In 1987, he founded the company in BWR Public Relations with Paul Baker and Larry Winokur. Soon they have represented big names like Robert Downey Jr, Sarah Jessica Parker, Leonardo DiCaprio, Helen Hunt, Woody Harrelson, Paul Reiser and Paul Rodriguez.

In 2000 Nanci Ryder he fought against breast cancer.

“My favorite story is when we were preparing for a red carpet, and she was frustrated to think of how to hide the fact that he had cancer,” said Zellweger to The Hollywood Reporter. “The wig flew across the hotel room, and we jumped in the car.”

Nanci Ryder he was divorced and had no children. At the time of death, had not family life, but he adored his animals, including his dogs, Oreo and Manolo, and her cats Pants, Thelma and Fluffy.