LP trust, with the return of live music presents a Live album


The singer-songwriter LP, the interpreter of the hit “Lost On You”, is one of the many figures affected by the Covid-19. His world tour had to be pushed up to 2021, and now it only asks for patience and calm.

“Quiet, I don’t think that live music is over”, says the other side of the phone.

To remove the plug, have just released the album Live in Moscow. Up to now, had not published a living material, and this, recorded in the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, is a celebration of the music that is played face-to-face with the public.

“I don’t mind doing the concerts in streaming, but they are not my favorites. If I can make one, I try to interpret the same. But, of course, want to have a hearing in front of me.

“The live concerts of the return. It will take a while, we just have to be patient. I really think that people need to contact, to meet and to hear, to listen to music,” he says.

Laura Pergolizzi, his real name, is from the years that appear in Russia. Note that when I was a kid, the Soviet Union was awakened by a halo of mystery from the Cold War, but every one of his visits collapsed no injury.

“I was afraid, for all these crap politics,” he confesses.

When you enter the country for the first time, fell in love with the icy weather and the energy of the people, its gastronomy, the beauty of its buildings, the vodka and the Bolshoi ballet play, The Nutcracker, among other things.

LP, who has written songs for Cher, Rihanna and Christina Aguilera, admits that dies can take their things and go on tour. However, being at home was productive.

“I’m working on a new album, so the break has helped me. Would have had to make new songs during the trip, but now I’m home with the wine.

” Before this I had, calculation, enough material for two albums. Now I think that I already have for three. That can’t be bad.”

39-year-old LP has made it clear that, when the auditorium, forum, and concerts and can get the crowd back, one of the first things that you want is to come in Mexico. Here, he says, was of the best experiences of his professional life.

“Mexico, in general, has my full admiration. I don’t think that will change. People reacted to my music, or just say “hello”. There is pure love and warmth.

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