Gracyanne Barbosa’s sister, Giovanna Jacobina dances on video and raises the mood on the web


Morena left her followers gaping with the waddle

Giovanna Jacobina, Gracyanne Barbosa’s sister posted a different video on Instagram and gave us something to talk about. The brunette appeared dancing a lot and surprised the followers with the swing.

“Dancinhas The outbreak kkkkk I took the videos of dances that this quarantine forced me to do and I joined you guys from here 😂💖 Tell me which ones you like best ??? 🤸‍♀️ I love this first one with the rhythm of sp- rj- northeast ✨ ”, she wrote in the caption.

In one hour the video gained over 4 thousand views. In the comments, followers did not fail to praise Giovanna. “What a malemolence woman 😍 rocked,” wrote a follower. Another commented: “Marvelousaaaaaaa !!!! I loved it hahaha 🤤 “.