Criticism: the Criticism of “Something with a woman”, by Mariano Turek and Luján Loioco


An ambitious period film that stands out for the good of the beaten national independent cinema.

Something with a woman (Argentina/2020). Director and screenplay: Marian Turek and Luján Loioco. Cast: María Money, Manuel Vignau, Abel Ayala, Miriam odorico, Oscar Pen, Daniele Lambertini, Mercedes Burgos. Photography and camera: Gustavo Biazzi. Artistic direction: Alicia Vazquez. Edit: Nicolás Goldbart. Duration: 90 minutes. Suitable for more than 16 years. Premiere: Thursday, 18, 22, Cinema.Ar TV (repeated on Saturday, at the same time) and from Friday 19th in streaming for free a week in Cinema.Ar Play (then it stays in Cinema.Ar Estrenos for 30 pesos).

“Sometimes I wonder if it is really a good wife”says Rosa Maria Money) during one of his frequent confessions in the Church of his district, in the province of Buenos Aires. She is a young seamstress, a lover of detective novels, who is married to a man who feels more and more distant, due to his political militancy led him to be absent during the long hours of his home. A difficult time for activism and the exercise of catholicism: mid-1955, months before the overthrow of Juan Domingo Perón.

Based on the work of The Pinkthe playwright santafesino Julius Caesar Beltzer, Something with a woman this proposal was unusual for an independent film argentine who tends to look at the past through documentary focusing on the personal experiences of their leaders or of those who have experienced it. It is also because of its ambitious art direction and atmosphere, two elements that the administration Marian Turek and Luján Loioco used in a pragmatic way, giving priority to importance, before the crazy of visual joy.

The monotonous life of a woman, subject to the mandates of those years gives a rotation of 180° when the presence of a brutal crime. Who was the responsible? Why not report the fact to the authorities? The script, even if, at times, too anchored in their origins of theatre, manages to make the Rose, an ambiguous character.

It happens that she is the protagonist of their own police, somebody able to do everything that is at hand, gaining the respect of her husband, but also to move like a silent observer of the behavior of its environment. The complexity of this woman makes nests the main merit of this interesting film that blends narrative model national noir with the melodramas of the time.


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