16 movies to enjoy with dad


1. “War daddy”
This movie released in 2015, with a second sequel. Both are made to entertain large and small with the occurrence of Dusty and Brad. Two parents who must figure out how to live in the family without their ego out of the affected. A biological father is a rebel and a stepfather, very loving and sweet to compete to be the best. Who will win? In this comedy directed by Sean Anders actors Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell.

2. “The asylum of the father”
A publicist used to the success, will need to adapt to a new turning point in his life, to leave his job and do a job more in the house to take care of their children… and those of others. In this tape of the 2003 Eddie Murphy plays Charlie Hinton, a hardworking man who learns more and more every day on you when you open the new day care of dad.

3. “Father for always”
I could not miss. Considered a classic of film (1993), this film is the unconditional love of a father. This family history shows a divorced man that allows you to use your ingenuity to be able to see their children. The late actor Robin Williams steals the heart with its character of Daniel Hillard and mrs. Doubtfire.

4. “Dad is great”
Sonny Koufax is a man from New York who has everything that you want, a job without much responsibility, uniqueness, and more, but the next day the most unexpected you receive a baldazo of water cold and will have to become the father, more copies all over the world.

5. “As a father”
As says the famous adage, “the blood calls”. Rachel is a woman so busy, but so busy that never have time, and completely forgot about their loved ones, but especially your family. One day, the target will be closed and will have to live without cell phones who least expects, his father.

6. “3 turks and a baby”
Three Turkish brothers receive in their life of a child. Celal is a young and ambitious business. But one day, when you are on the road, is one of them exnovias, and your child, he tries to escape, but it is impossible. An unexpected accident makes him take care of his daughter, and the father. Celal and his brothers will take care of her in the meantime.

7. “Annie”
One of the musical’s most poignant. Annie is an african american girl merry and of good heart, but has a great desire to reach, to be able to have your family and flee the evil stepmother. You will meet a man billionaire and the ingeniará not to let him escape from his life.

8. “Busqueda Implacable”
Bryan Millis is a special agent in the board, but with a series of skills acquired in the course of his whole career will be the worst nightmare of mobsters who have kidnapped his teenage daughter and her friend on a trip to Paris, France. Do you get it? You have only 96 hours to recover.

9. “Interstellar”
A journey beyond the physical space to participate in Joseph Cooper and his daughter Murph. He is a pilot, is retired from NASA, but a new mission that will take him to separate from his family. With a promise, as a guarantee of returning home, Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), who goes well beyond his love of the father.

10. “The road”
This drama science fiction the planet has suffered a mysterious cataclysm, and the few survivors , in the midst of the desolation, a father and his son are directed toward the coast in search of a safe place to settle. Actors Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron are part of the cast of this tape of 2009.

11. “I am Sam”
Represents one of the documents most recognized for the actor Sean Penn, who plays a father with mental disabilities, who after becoming a single parent, doing all he can to regain custody of his daughter Lucy Diamond (Elle Fanning). He, with the support of a lawyer pro bono and their friends do not give up easily.

12. “Miracle in cell 7”
It is the third remake of Miracle in Cell No. 7, a movie which was released in 2013 in South Korea, with the screenplay and the direction of the Hwan-kyung Lee. But in this latest adaptation of the Turkish actor Aras Bulut Iynemli moves with your paper from the beginning to the end. The connection between father and daughter goes beyond the boundaries.

13. Life is beautiful”
Another classic set in the Second World War, a jewish man is captured by the nazi army and his son. In an attempt to make your child small don’t miss the normalcy of his new world, he constructs an elaborate fantasy to protect the user during the user’s life in a concentration camp.

14. “Jack Frost ”
Also known as “Jack Frost” is a 1998 movie starring Michael Keaton. He embodies a man who died on christmas Eve in a car accident, but he returns with his wife and son, a year later, curiously, transformed into a snowman that his son built.

15. “Martian Child”
Or “a child from another world, tells the story of a writer and a widower that this clinging to the memories in solitude. But as a new opportunity to live, decides to adopt a child who does not get the light of the sun. The small ensures that there is in the world, but of the red planet, Mars.

16. “Knock on effect”
With a cast of luxury of Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, and this film tells the story of Gus Lobel, who was for years one of the best scouts in major league baseball, but because of their advanced age will have to resort to the support of his daughter Mickey, this becomes an opportunity for both to resolve the present and the past.