The Reason Why Jennifer Garner Takes Her Cat for a Walk in a Stroller

Jennifer Garner

Reactions on social networks have been swift

In order to get her three children out of the house to do some sport, Jennifer Garner is ready for almost anything, and for her neighbors to consider her an oddball is a price she is more than willing to pay.

The actress has bought a pet-friendly stroller online with which she has managed to take both the family cat and one of her two daughters for a walk, who in her opinion had become accustomed too quickly to the measures of confinement and social distancing during the coronavirus crisis.

” One of my children doesn’t like the idea of ​​going for a walk, but I know that we have to go outside somehow and one day he told me that he wanted to take the cat out into the street, so we ordered the stroller “, He explained in an interview to the presenter Ellen DeGeneres.

The idea has been so successful that he has even bought a strap for the kitty, who is delighted with his new routine. ” Best of all, the cat is happy, ” promised its famous owner.

On the other hand, the interpreter has also recognized that her offspring have behaved wonderfully in recent months.

“We have had our moments, of course, but they have been incredible. They have understood very well the importance of paying attention to what the authorities were telling us ”, he stated with pride.