This Is the House Where Dorismar Uncovers Her Very Light Clothing Anatomy


The sensual Argentine model melts social networks from her kitchen, her TV room, her balcony, and from her bedroom.

The Argentine model Dorismar, who since 2000 moved to the city of Miami in search of a better future, has left her followers speechless with the sensual images she shares on her social networks, the ones that have been stolen from her house. reflectors in the most recent weeks.

In these materials, we have been able to see the presenter also posing for the very light lens of clothes, while giving us a tour of her anatomy and various corners of her cozy home.


Although the kitchen is not exactly the place where we most often see Dorismar, the one born in Buenos Aires has given herself time to show off her cuisine and incidentally some of the exquisite dishes she prepares in her oven.

The kitchen in your house is made up of a brown cupboard, as well as various stainless steel appliances.

Dining room

Its dining room, which is unified with its living room, is equipped by a brown wooden table with space for six people, as well as a black and white picture of a bull, and a floor lamp with three light bulbs.

Television room

The TV room is another of the celebrity’s favorite spaces, who loves to sit in his ‘Ele’ shaped chair while watching various programs on his wall-mounted television.


The bedroom is, without a doubt, the favorite place for the followers of the ‘Triunfo del Amor’ actress, as it is the room in which she is lightest in clothes.

Her bed, which is large, looks very cozy and ready to receive the visit of her fans in the middle of the night’s sleep.


In addition to loving posing for the lens, Dorismar also loves to play the piano, so whenever he has time he delights everyone with his skill for this musical instrument and for the delicacy with which he plays the keys.


It has also allowed us to get to know his balcony, a place that he resorts to frequently in the hot season with the firm intention of tanning his shapely and well-worked figure.