After being accused of pedophilia, PC Siqueira pronounces: “It’s fake”


The influencer claims that the video is fake and pointed out alleged errors in editing

On the night of last Wednesday (10), a supposed video of PC Siqueira talking to a boy about a girl of only 6 years went viral on social networks. After the name of the influencer became the most talked about, PC spoke.

According to him, it was all a montage and claimed that both he and his family are suffering various attacks on social networks.

“Yesterday, I was taken aback to see my name being used by a criminal organization, which tried to accuse me of something terrible, which I never committed or would commit. I confess that I was shocked, stunned, and went through one of the worst moments of my life. Nobody imagines one day seeing his own name involved in an abominable crime, ”he wrote on his Instagram.

“For those who don’t know, a profile without credibility, that we don’t know who does or is behind it, was the instrument to generate this fake news. The objective was certainly to discredit myself, to make my voice quiet and public opinion to attack me blindly. But it is an open and grotesque lie! ”, He continued.

“I received a series of messages, accusations, curses, my family was affected, my psychological situation was greatly affected. As you can see, to the point that I am unable to comment on the video – what should I do when I am restructured. You have no idea how my last 24 hours went, ”said the influencer.


“Guys, please pay more attention to the information you receive and consume on the internet. That is very dangerous! Do not share content that could destroy someone’s life, without first checking the truth of it. If we pay attention to this disgusting video, it takes 1 minute and 31 seconds for the phone’s clock to change! Nor did the counterfeiters take such care. In addition, the check symbol has different spacing than the real one. It’s all there, for those who want to see it. The operator of the supposed video line is prepaid in the United States, ”said PC, about some details of the video.

“The cell phone is a Samsung and is recording the screen of an iPhone. Anyway, there is a lot of evidence that demonstrates the counterfeiting done wrong. The most important of these is that it is not me. I came here to clarify that to you and everyone who was interested in this matter. I have received threats due to my political position for some time, but I never imagined that I would be hit by something so low. In addition, thank you very much for the affection of those who know me and the people who follow me. This has been important at this point. Thank you very much, really! ”, He concluded.