Light The Police On Fire During Demonstration In Jalisco, Mexico


A police officer was sprayed with gasoline and lit on fire by protesters in Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco, Mexico during a demonstration. The images are disturbing.

The precise moment in which for the back, the officer of the police of Jalisco is bathed with fuel and then ignited in flames was captured on video and has gone viral, in moments where you revive allegations – not only in the United States – but in different countries about abuses of police authority and confrontation between citizens and security forces.

The fact was recorded during a manifestation for the death of mason Giovanni Lopez at the beginning of May, a death that shocked the society in the state of Jalisco and developed strong protests, some very violent.

The precise moment in which the officer of the Mexican police is on fire shocked the social networking world. The inevitable was to establish comparisons with the acts of violence that are recorded in other latitudes, at the same time. The officer was about to turn on his motorcycle when he was lit on fire; his colleagues of the force rushed to their rescue to try to smother the fire.

To Lopez, he was arrested in Jalisco state, allegedly for not carrying nasobuco, as a necessary measure in times of the COVID-19. However, the man later died product of the impact of blunt objects, in what is presumed was a fact of police brutality.