Laura Harrier Was Going To Interpret MJ


Zendaya, she was very close to not be the secret love interest of Peter Parker, since Laura I would get the role.

During an interview with Net-A-Porter, Harrier she said that she received the news that Zendaya was chosen to participate in Homecoming, but assumed that was for the role of Liz Allan, not yours: “I called my agent and assured me that it was still in the race to play MJ”.

Zendaya, she ended up staying with the main role and her with the of Liz Allan. However, her relationship with Marvel Studios not be resented: “I thought it was amazing and revolutionary for Marvel to put us both in those roles and not focus on our skin color. We were just girls that we were going to a school in New York and it looks like the city; the films should reflect that.”

Harrier, she also mentioned that she and Zendaya had a great time working together and are now friends. The actress will play the role of Liz in the next movie Spider-Man which hits theaters on the 5 of November of 2021.