Justice For “Bionic”, 10 Years After

  • The past 8th of June marks ten years that Christina Aguilera threw one of her disks most undervalued of her career.


June 8, 2010, Christina Aguilera she brought out her sixth studio album titled “Bionic” with a visual style inspired in part by the tape-German “Metropolis” of 1927 –and with one nod to the era “Supernature” by Goldfrapp (2005), and in which the artist drew out her more experimental side, diving into cuts much more electronic and indie-pop unlike their past productions, and is divided into two sections: one with a facet much more erotic and sexism that the pair was much more mature than in “Stripped” (2002), her most successful album to date, where she explored bisexuality despite the fact that by then had been released as a mother, and a second part where, as always, she pulled out those power ballads that are her strong point vocally speaking. Interestingly, for its release date, there was an artist that began her meteoric rise to fame and in which nobody could stop: Lady Gaga, who slumbered beneath the earth lists worldwide popularity with their debut album “The Fame” and its subsequent re-launch “The Fame Monster”.

For bad luck of Aguilera, when the video clip of her first single, “Not Myself Tonight” she went out to the light, then Gaga already triumphed with the one corresponding to your theme “Bad Romance” and because of the visual similarities of your video, it was that she was a “war of the divas”, fueled back then by Perez Hilton, a blogger who had gotten their fifteen minutes of fame as an influencer –when social networks did not have much of an impact as they have done now – and who is bent on supporting the musical career of Gaga, she tore apart with her criticisms, in addition to the video clip of “Tonight” the disk of Aguilera, to which was joined in by other reviews of various journals, who were not convinced of the radical change of the singer, as well as for her exploration of sexual musical –“Erotica” of Madonna sends greetings-. Unfortunately, the bad reviews and criticism represented a low blow to Christina, since her album did not get the expected success, and only managed to debut at #1 in the Uk, and in her native United States had to settle with a third-party site to then disappear from the lists of sales, something that Aguilera was not so used after the successes drenching of disks as the previously mentioned “Stripped” or its predecessor “Back to Basics” (2006). All of this made even the promotional tour that she had planned never ended to materialize, leading to a deep depression that had withdrawn from the spotlight for a while.

After its original publication, “Bionic” with the passage of years has begun to get the recognition that your time is not obtained, and in effect, most agree that, upon listening to this material on its tenth anniversary, it was ahead of her time. Its opening cut, which gives name to the disk, we welcome these new lands sound of Aguilera, while “Not Myself Tonight” we opened bluntly to her bisexuality shameless; “Woohoo” is, perhaps, one of the cuts that more deserved to be a single –and a success, step-, and that counts with the collaboration of the then-unknown Nicki Minaj –credits to Xtina to include an artist that was just beginning to have popularity-, and that since then the native of Trinidad and Tobago showed her skills as a rapper. “Elastic Love” denotes the characteristic stamp of M. I. A. (who serves as co-writer), while in “Desnúdate” did not forget their Latin roots, is the only court Spanglish of the disk; and if well-used to denote an artist much more feminist –cuts as “I Hate Boys” or “My Girls” what it shows-, it also showed her other side vulnerable on the second part, being “You Lost Me” the one that got a hit fairly moderate.


After the current confinement derived from the global pandemic of the Covid-19, from a couple of months ago through social networking, some of the fandoms of Madonna, Mariah Carey or Britney Spears have done justice to some of the records that were considered a “failure” or that have been undervalued, getting her moméntum in the sales charts of iTunes and in a considerable increase in its streams in various digital platforms. “Bionic” it has not been the exception, and since yesterday it has been placed in the first places of sales in the United States (at the time of writing this column has gotten the No. 3 in iTunes), and by way of thanks, and as she did Britney a few weeks ago, has risen to the streaming platforms the topic “Little Dreamer” originally a bonus track limited, and in addition, it is rumored on some pages of your fandom that you possibly get a video clip official “Woohoo” and that is re-released as a single, although it costs nothing to dream.

It is worth to give it a play to “Bionic” to understand why it is one of the albums most undervalued in the artistic career of Christina Aguilera. Justice delayed but safe.