Oriana Reed Debuted A New Look And Compared It To Celeste Cid


Oriana Reed is happy with the result your change of look, which led many to compare it to none other than Celeste Cid in I will resist, the famous novel of the year 2003 in which the actress wore the hair very short.

In full quarantine, Oriana said goodbye to her long hair and gave him the welcome of a new cut type pixie that accentuates their traits. “At all times, big changes,” he wrote to introduce the style.

The comparisons came quickly; while some saw inspiration in Kris Jenner, mother of Kardashian sisters, others mentioned to Liza Minelli and also to Marie Fredriksson, the singer of Roxette, Araceli Gonzalez and Ursula Coroberó. Celeste Cid was the most mentioned.

The new look Oriana Reed: a complete success (Instagram)

The general consensus was pure approval. “When a is angelate everything is mega”, defined a fanatic. “Iconic total,” added another.

Celeste Cid was the rage with this look at the year 2003 (Telefe)

In 2014, Oriana left behind her name in the media “Today,” which was made famous in programs such as Zap in the late nineties.

“I started to feel a mine of the brain for a long time. Now I try to ‘she’ but I’m not offended if someone forgets because I am very secure in my head,” said the artist to show her transformation in Informa.