In the convulsive environment that is breathed in the United States is the presidential race the 3 of November next, and at least there, things start to clarify, the week after the results of the primary election, Joe Biden 77-year-old reached the magic figure of one thousand 991 delegates, the amount necessary to obtain the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party.

And did not take the now-candidate Biden in the talk… “it was an honor to compete next to one of the groups of candidates with the most talented that has submitted the party, I am proud to say that we will participate in these general elections with a united party”.

Last Tuesday elections were held primary: Maryland, Indiana, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Montana, South Dakota, and Pennsylvania in addition, the District of Columbia, in Washington, the ballot papers arrived by mail, which made it difficult to count, were not prepared in the bosom of the party for a year and, such as the situation until the evening of the last Friday we got the results and the announcement: Joe Biden sum thousand 993 delegates, is the official candidate of the Democratic party.

Biden overcame the barrier of candidates, despite missing the results of the primary elections in 8 states and 3 territories are American.

These presidential elections of November 3, 2020, will be historical, the two contenders were elected (there are still republicans with Trump) in the midst of a pandemic of history which has disrupted the whole world, mired in a deep economic crisis, with unemployment reached historical 15 percent, with racial tension and growing, with a problematic political and economic with a giant like China. Joe Biden knows about this conflict wrote in their social networks, the Friday night… “my campaign is in favor of all those who have fallen and have been left abandoned in the midst of suffering and loss is incalculable”.

Now the Democrats and particularly its presidential candidate, Biden, is facing the challenge of integrating a woman, just as he promised, to his formula as a vice president. The name of Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama continues to stand out within a list of 10, although the senator from California Harris seems to be the one selected.

Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden, Jr. 77-year-old had sought the presidential nomination democrat in a couple of previous occasions without success, his highest political position has undoubtedly been that of the vice-presidency in the last administration with Barack Obama. He has been a senator for the State of Delaware for 35 years and finally achieved his greatest dream, to compete for the leadership of the government of the United States.