Suri Cruise: Tom Cruise’s Dad, allegedly leaving Scientology to be with his daughter again


Suri Cruise has lost contact with her father Tom Cruise, as her parents divorced in 2012. At that time, it was widely reported that one of the main reasons why the “Dawson Creek” actress left her husband was her religious belief.

The “Mission Impossible” actor is known to be a staunch advocate of the Church of Scientology and he is one of the most influential members of that religion as well. But even though he is very close to his church, this is, presumably, the same reason that he has not been able to see Suri for years.

Is the actor leaving Scientology to be with his daughter again?

Star magazine has reported that the actor made the decision to leave his Church of Scientology for his daughter Suri Cruise. Based on what is written in the article, Tom is all set to sever his ties to religion.

He added that his main reason for quitting smoking, the church is to repair his relationship with Suri, which has been left a little damaged since they have not seen for a long time. He was basically completely out of his life for six years, so he wants us to fix this.

“If he wants his back, he’s going to have to walk to the church, which has been a big part of his life, to say the least,” insider Estrella said. “Leaving Scientology would be the most difficult decision I will ever have to make.”

Then again Tom Cruise had an interview and this news was confirmed to be false. First, while he really could be his daughter’s fault, it’s not enough to get him out of Scientology.

Second, his commitment to his church has never wavered yet with the controversy of the rumors surrounding him. In fact, in an interview, he told The Daily Beast that Scientology is a beautiful religion that he is proud of.

“It is something that has helped me incredibly in my life,” Suri Dad said, “It is something that, you know, without it, I would not be where I am, and I am incredibly proud.”

Alleged decision to leave the church for the second half

Ithe rumors that Tom is leaving Scientology for Suri Cruise do not go away. In 2019, the same story appeared again, but this time, it was reported by Contact. The role of the allegations after seeing her daughter in the picture, the actor is really giving up her church at this time to be with her daughter.

“Tom has sacrificed the most important things in his life for Scientology,” the source’s call told the magazine. “If he were to escape Scientology, it would be because of his daughter.”

However, Gossip Cop denied this rumor after a reliable source reported that the story was fabricated.