Hideo Kojima says that Death Stranding has been a success, but they have canceled a project


The Japanese creative confirms that they have already recovered the money invested, so they are ready to start their second project as an independent studio.

Death Stranding was released on PlayStation 4 last November 2019. The Kojima Productions game has raised many conflicting opinions, but its creator, Hideo Kojima, has revealed that the title has been successful in sales. “We have crossed the line that we had to cross,” says the creative in an interview with Livedoor (translated from Japanese by VGC). “This includes the recovery of production costs, so I see it as a satisfactory result,” he continues. However, that has not stopped one of his upcoming projects from being canceled, although he is already working on something new.

“Recently, a big project of mine was canceled, so I ‘m pretty pissed off, but that’s the video game industry.” On what he has in hand, he added the following: “It is still in the early planning phase, so I cannot say much.” Still, he is “actively working” on the new production. Kojima says that the future of Kojima Productions is secure. There is still the release of Death Stranding on PC and they have already raised the money necessary to finance what is to come.

Denies rumors about Silent Hill

In the same interview, Hideo Kojima has denied one of the rumors that have been heard for a while, the one that says he is working on a new Metal Gear Solid and a video game related to the Silent Hill saga. “It is completely false.”

Death Stranding puts the player in the shoes of Sam Porter Bridger, a man dedicated to delivering packages from one side of the United States to another. This role of the messenger is more important than it may seem at first glance because beyond delivering merchandise, it is dedicated to uniting the different stations to combat the calamity that is looming over the world.

The title will be available on July 14 incompatible. The coronavirus crisis and the management problems that arose from teleworking have motivated that decision.