The popularity of Obama continues to rise in the midst of the rhetoric of Trump


Many others expressed similar sentiments.

In the first four years of Obama, bailed out the auto industry saving thousands of jobs, and the auto industry paid back the loan.

Tightened credit requirements to reduce abusive lending practices, that was the main reason why the country entered the Great Recession, said Kevin Darné, an author whose books include “My cat is not ladrará! (An Epiphany of a Relationship) “.

“Obama approved the Health Care Law at a Low Price, which reduced the number of 46.5 million uninsured to 27 million in 2016, and the stock market recovered, and the growth of employment increased on a monthly basis, and also won the Nobel Peace Prize,” said Darné. and he added that Obama repealed “don’t ask, don’t tell” in the military, supported the federal recognition of marriage between persons of the same sex and to protect Dreamers from deportation.

“Your quick response to hurricane Sandy has received praise from republican governors, Chris Christie of New Jersey and Bob McDonnell of Virginia, who killed Osama Bin Laden, the person responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001”.

Darné also pointed out that Obama managed effectively the crisis of ebola. At the same time, Trump has only repeated its mantra of building a wall, the gut Obamacare and handle the crisis of COVID-19 less than stellar, he said.

“You lie and blame routinely to the Obama administration for every problem that arises. The main goal of Donald Trump seems to be to dismantle every achievement badge that had Barack Obama, ” said Darné on the defendant Trump.

The popularity of Obama led to him being named the american president more popular of the story.

The putative democratic presidential candidate and former vice president Obama, Joe Biden, have declared publicly that they’d love to have former first lady Michelle Obama as its companion of formula.

The “Committee to write to Michelle Obama for vice-president” is working to build “a support of substantial basis for a possible candidacy of Michelle Obama and help attract media attention for a candidate for vice president who has the power to beat Donald Trump”, according to the press of the group. launch.

“Em. Obama, the woman most admired in the united States, will be an active, vital in November, when vice president Biden will face an uphill battle to fight the lies and deceit emanating from the White House, ” said the statement issued Monday.

“Your credibility as a trusted leader and a strong symbol of unity within the Democratic Party would certainly help the democrats defeat the republicans from top to bottom”.

Tina Willis, a personal injury attorney Tina Willis Law, said that he cried when Obama left office. She said that she did not agree with every decision that Obama took while he was in office, but he never doubted that he had the best intentions for all americans.

“He was smart, and empathetic, surrounded himself with the best advisors and team members, and always did everything possible to bring people together and do the right thing for everyone in the country,” stated Willis.

“I would say that Trump is so horrible, at all levels, increased my appreciation for Obama. But my feelings for Trump did not increase my admiration for Obama. I always thought that he was the best president I’ve seen during my life. I really want Michelle Obama to become the vice-president, although I definitely would not blame you for not wanting to face all the bad things that carries a high political office in this country. ”