The parrot with the argument of the series “Resident Evil” that Netflix prepares


The zombies are going to take Netflix and the Umbrella corp has all the blame. The terror of Resident Evil is already preparing for the arrival at our homes. The famous saga of video game I got helarnos the blood countless of times, never managed on the big screen. It is true that the tapes featuring Milla Jovovich they had other attractions, but the thing was directed more to the action than the original horror of Resident Evil.

Start of a new era. Since some months there is in place a reboot to theaters in the seek to bet on the tone of the original video game. Resident Evil it was really scary and that is what you are looking for. However, there is not finishing the thing. And is that Netflix announced the development of a series based on the famous video game. A project whose argument is leaked unintentionally.

“The city of Clearfield, in Maryland, has been under the shadow of three giant different that does not seem to be related: the Umbrella Corporation, the abandoned Psychiatric hospital of Greenwood and the city of Washington, D. C. Today, twenty-six years after the discovery of the deadly T-Virus, the hidden secrets between these three parties will be unfolding along at the first signs of an outbreak”.

Pass to remove the synopsis minutes after its launch, the networks began to smoke instantly. The Resident Evil Netflix has begun to take shape, and his argument is really interesting. Can molar very much the thing.