Problems for the series “Resident Evil” that Netflix prepares


There was nothing easy to just pick up the project. More than a year ago we knew that Netflix was launching in full to the zombie world. The company decided to bet on a number of Resident Evil adapting the sensational video game to the small screen. After a successful series of films with Milla Jovovich distributing firewood, what is certain is that we were excited by the idea of a new version, more dark and muddy. Something that we promised from the streaming platform.

This same month of April was going to start the filming of the series Resident Evil but the thing will take much longer than anticipated. And is that the fiction is one of the 30 whose shooting has been stopped as a result of the global pandemic of the COVID-19. This has been confirmed officially on Netflix.

So, the filming of Resident Evil stops indefinitely, what makes you think that you may not get to see it until the end of 2021. Touch muster patience.