Bryan Cranston stars in the first american movie with subtitles with idioms, chilean


Bryan Cranston, the well-remembered protagonist of the series “Breaking Bad”returns to have a presence in Pepper and guise very specific. Is that the actor is the central figure of “Why?”the first american film to have subtitles with idioms chilean.

In this way, for the first time a foreign film will use idioms and typical expressions local as a way to bring more to the manifest domestic to international productions.

“Why him?” it is a comedy starring James Franco (“127 hours”, “Spider-Man”), Bryan Cranston (“Little Miss Sunshine”, “Zoolander”) and directed by John Hamburg (“Zoolander”, “Little Fockers”).

In the film, Bryan Cranston is an overprotective father, that he will face the hard time to get to know your worst nightmare, the boyfriend of his daughter, played by Zoey Deutch.

“Laird” (James Franco) is a beardless multimillion-dollar Silicon Valley, admisiblemente-intentioned but socially incompetent.

The morally compliant “Ned” (Cranston) it seems that “Laird” it has absolutely no filter, it is completely inappropriate for her daughter and will try by all means to separate them.

“Why him?” has dates of premiere in the cinema, chilean next Thursday, December 22 and Tuesday has dared its first trailer, with subtitles with idioms, chilean, ahead of how it will be this “ingredient” in the film that brings back to Bryan Cranston to the local screens.

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