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The popular series on Nickelodeon, “Zoey 101”could be returning to the channel that led him to fame. According to the portal TMZ, the younger sister of Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn, is in talks with the company to resume the project.

Although it’s been 11 years since ‘Zoey 101’ ended, classic Nickelodeon, as “All That” (All that) and “Blues Clues” (tracks in Blue) are getting a second chance on TV. This would be the reason behind your new beginning.

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According to TMZ, Jamie Lynn Spears would play the main role, but with some important changes in the new plot. The premise of the reboot would follow the life of Zoey Brooksten years after the events at Pacific Coast Academy, only this time it would be a mother of two children. It is not clear if you have a partner or not on the screen, or if you’re still involved with your love interest of the teenage years, Chase.

Intro Zoey 101

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If confirmed to be the return of Zoey 101, this news adds to the next job Jamie Lynn Spears with Netflix “Sweet Magnolias” series that follows three women from South Carolina, who are best friends since high school. During the episodes we’ll see how the trio will go through romantic relationships, complications and triumphs in their work life and family coexistence”.

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